Monday, April 11, 2016

"What Doesn't Kill Us Makes Stranger...."

Even though I am getting to the point where I am all 'comic-booked" out, I still watch the stuff as some it looks interesting at least. Jessica Jones wasn't something I was initially interested in but then I spoke with my sister who said that it was good and thought I should consider watching it. So I did watch it, and much like the second season of Daredevil I felt like the show's first season was good at times, and then not so good; times where the characters were spot on and interesting, and then times when they were completely obnoxious. By the way, I know nothing about this part of the Marvel universe, so I am oblivious as to source material accuracy; I'm looking at the technical elements of the show, and enjoyment factor. Krysten Ritter plays Jessica Jones the main and title character, and I have to say that the actress did a fine job. The character isn't all that appealing in my personal opinion, but I do like seeing the darkness and drama unfold in a very real and raw sense with how the character was written. And Ms. Ritter did an extraordinary job bringing that character to life and making it believable. Rachael Taylor played Trish Walker, Jessica Jones' best friend. She actually came across as the moral compass for the show and all of the characters in it, which I thought was nice as it is usually the hero that has that role. She was funny, serious, intelligent, and a very strong positive female character; one of the better ones I've seen written as of late. Eka Darville plays Malcolm who is high for most of the series, but then due to some plot alterations changes and takes a larger role. He was actually a really great character, although I would have written a few things differently myself. David Tennant as the villain Kilgrave was utter perfection. Not only is this actor brilliantly talented, but he created a character who was dynamic and interesting; this villain is not flat and all powerful, but very real with real vulnerabilities. He was the best part of the show. Carrie-Anne Moss played Jeri Hogarth a high flying lawyer, and she was amazing. Slick and smooth and devilish, with great style. Mike Colter Played Luke Cage, and his character was very interesting and cool; definitely very likable, with a strong presence. Apparently he is also getting his own show for some odd reason.

So Jessica Jones is a private investigator with superhuman strength and a lot of personal problems with no people skills whatsoever. She has been mind controlled previously by this man and is trying to get on with her life, but this man is back and wants her back under his control. So this is more of a drama driven show than action, but there are some moments where there is some fairly intense stuff going on. It was very interesting and fascinating with excellent characters and acting, but oftentimes the weight of the drama and the stupidity of the characters would grate on my nerves a lot. The writing was relatively well done and the series was shot well. The pace of the plot was well thought out, and the risk factor that the villain posed was quite impressive as well. Never quite certain who was going to die next (a lot of people die). It was entertaining, but not certain if I'd watch it again...maybe for David Tennant's performance, but that's about it. Not a show for people who don't like dark or gritty; this show is not light and fluffy. In other news, I finished writing the lyrics for my songs in my musical and now I am putting together "the book" so that should be fun, despite the formatting being a pain in the neck. Soon it will be done though and perhaps I'll get some music composed for it and maybe get the whole thing off the ground; who knows.

David Tennant on the show Jessica Jones

Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them trailer 2 (looks really good!)

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