Saturday, April 9, 2016

A Chance At Redemption.

So I finally got around to seeing Mad Max: Fury Road after everyone kept telling me to see it, and after winning 6 Oscars. It's definitely a very unique film; basically one very large and extensive action/chase sequence that lasts for the duration of the entire film. What's exactly going on and why with the characters and their interactions with the environment isn't clearly explained at any given point, but it sounds like drilling for oil and climate change are the big reasons why what happened in the film happened. So basically this one really bad dude in the desert controls all of the water, and his wives/sex slaves/prized breeders run away with one of his chief lieutenants, Furiosa, to get to greener pastures and along the way they meet up with Max a former policeman (I think) who was also held captive by the evil dude's forces but then escapes per chance and helps the women out. The group of them then embark on an epic journey across the desert to reach their destination growing and learning more about themselves and the people around them. Charlize Theron was amazing as Furiosa; she was both powerful and empathetic with a tender love, but also still possessing the no nonsense let's get down to business behavior. Probably one of the best characters in the film. As for Tom Hardy, I went back and forth with him as Max. He does little more than grunt for nearly half of the film, and then says very little afterwards; however, when he does speak, it is very good and makes me kind of wish that he actually had more articulate lines. Clearly, he has mental health problems that he is struggling to cope with, and there is a great depth to him, but I don't think it was explored as much as it could have. Great character though. Nicholas Hoult as Nux one of the low life henchmen was at first unrecognizable and then as the film went along I started to recognize the actor. I actually couldn't stand the character, but then as he grew and changed he was most likely the second best character in the film, definitely a very talented man. The rest of the cast was good, but it was Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron that drove the film, but truly it was the profoundly epic and excellent cinematography and action that drove people to see and enjoy the film.

I give a lot of credit to the style and success of the film to George Miller the director. It must have taken incredible talent and gumption to pull off this film, so definite props to him for that. The writing was relatively good, although there was a lot of nonsensical moments where things were happening and you didn't know why and it was never fully explained unfortunately. So I get to beam again over Junkie XL (aka. Tom Holkenborg) who did the music for the film which worked so perfectly for the film, and I enjoyed it greatly. The man has talent, truly; his music has a powerful and vivacious energy to it. The true star of the entire film though was the cinematography though; it was breathtaking, gritty, and terrifying at times. John Seale must have needed a long vacation after being the director of cinematography for this film. The other big star of the film though was the action. All I can say is wow (and yes that is a technical word). It was nonstop, almost mind-numbing at times due to the sheer volume. The action was dynamic though and kept pace with what was going on with the story and characters, I was definitely impressed, and description won't do it justice; you need to see it if you haven't. There were some disturbing elements to the film, and one very highly disturbing scene which I will not go into, but I will say it if you're a young mother, then you can't watch this film. In this film you get showcased a taste of how depraved humanity can really become, and what I found so disturbing is that the filmmakers accurately captured the essence of what people could become like in another 100 years or so. Something to think about.

Junkie XL on composing the music for Mad Max: Fury Road

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Rogue One teaser trailer (This to me looks better than The Force Awakens did, hopefully it will not disappoint like Episode VII).

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