Tuesday, March 22, 2016

"We Make the Terror."

"Do you know the main thing that separates a politician from the the rest of the species? A politician is the one who would drown a litter of kittens for 10 minutes of prime time." -Frank Underwood

So I have finished season 4 of House of Cards, and I have to say that the show redeemed itself after what I would consider a disastrous season 3. Frank and Claire finally came back together in a single united purpose (there were some surprises along the way) to fight their enemies, and it works so much better when it is like that as opposed to them being on separate paths. Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright are beyond divine, and fantastic and really continue to grow their characters. I'm a little bummed that Kevin Spacey doesn't speak as much to the camera as he did in the first 2 seasons, but the show is still very strong, and as long as the two mains keep coming up on top, I think it will continue to go that way. Michael Kelly who plays Doug Stamper (chief of staff) was a lot more flat of a character in this season than perhaps any other one I thought with season 3 being the most intense for him. Neve Campbell had a nice role in the season as an assistant to Claire, and Ellen Burstyn played Claire's mother which was a great story and character arc; the two had such great and powerful chemistry together. Jayne Atkinson as Cathy Durant (Secretary of State) came into a much more interesting character than in any previous season; she is a fantastic actress, and I love her character in this show. I like where they took Donald Blythe's character (vice-president) in this season; some really excellent character growth. One very excellently crafted character was the Republican presidential challenger Will Conway played by Joel Kinnaman; it's like watching a conservative version of Frank Underwood, very well done. Granted, season 1 is still the best in my opinion, and season 2 the second best, but then comes season 4 and I honestly don't even really want to rank season 3 as of yet (yeah, I think it was that poor). I will say that season 2 had the best ending with Frank assuming control of the presidency; the music and the staging and cinematography as he made his may to the desk in the oval office. It was great. Season 4 had a great ending as well, not as good as season 2, but it was awesome! I really like where the show is going now, and I hope the writers keep the Underwoods strong and powerful, and yes I know I am cheering for "the villains" and yes I did by a t-shirt from Target that had Underwood 2016 emboldened on it. I will not speak of current, American politics other than saying there are a few Underwood like candidates currently vying to become the next U.S. President. I'm looking forward to season 5 of House of Cards, although, I am now wondering how the writers are going to finish it all up. I would like to say that it was ironic that I watched the last episode of season 4 today of all days due to the terrorist attack that happened in Brussels (when you watch the episode you will understand). I don't know what it is like to be personally attacked by terrorists even though it has happened to my country a number of times, but it must be something beyond dreadful to experience, especially firsthand. May God comfort the people of Belgium and the victims and families who suffered personally in the attack, and may all of you find peace one day despite the fear, violence and hatred that Islamic terrorists are attempting to spread throughout the world.

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