Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Who's the More Foolish? The Fool, or the One who Follow's Him?

There are only 8 months remaining approximately of 2015, and then 2016 will come. I think that sounds rather intense when I sit and think about how fast these past 3 months have gone. I suppose March Madness will do that to do, and I am not referring to Basketball; mental health March Madness, and yes this happens at least all over the area I live in, I cannot speak for other geographic areas, but I am certain there are some similarities. The bright spot is that I only have 3 months of graduate school left, and I am putting the finishing touches on my Masters project for a presentation (which I am not looking forward to) so everything is beginning to come to a close. This also means that I will be beginning the process of trying to move back to San Diego, thank God. Even though the Midwest is beginning to warm up, I am kind of over it all. Oh, happy April Fool's Day! Not sure what the reason or history is behind it, but there was this one joke that I really want to try on someone one day. Fill a balloon with air, cover it with whipped cream, decorate it enough so that it passes for a cake, and then have someone cut into it; best effect would be if there was a large group of people around when it goes off. So I recently finished watching Da Vinci's Demon's season 2 and I do have to admit that it was still pretty good, and maybe even better than the first season, although their trek into the New World was less interesting than I would have preferred. Still, the characters grew stronger and better I think, and there were quite a few interesting surprises which were awesome! I'm not certain what Leonardo Da Vinci was like in real life, but I love the performance of Tom Riley; it is truly astounding. Dark, intense, humorous, thoughtful, flawed; just really well done. I can only say good things concerning the rest of the cast as well. It was shot beautifully, and written fairly well; the costumes are also quite divine, but they were of course done by Trisha Biggar (did Star Wars Prequels to name a few). If you like excellent adventure and drama, and also like history, then you will love this show. I wish I could say that I have been writing....but I would rather say that I have been surviving and thinking about writing more so than actually doing it. Time has turned out to be my biggest enemy currently; always could use more time. So if anyone knows how to make human clones please let me know. A part of me wants to tell people to not watch world news because it is so doggone depressing, but being educated and knowledgeable about world and domestic affairs and voting accordingly is how to fend off oppressive government most of the time. So please stay informed and consider what other people are going through throughout the world before you cast stones at glass houses. May the Force be with us all.

Da Vinci's Demon's season 3 teaser

Da Vinci's Demon's first look

Spectre trailer (new James Bond)

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