Thursday, April 16, 2015

An Enigma.

I just finished watching an amazing film The Imitation Game. The film is based off of a book about Alan Turing who was probably almost entirely responsible for breaking the enigma code that the Nazis used during World War II. It also portrays the many complicated aspects of his personal life as well such as coping with homosexuality around that time in Britain, and most likely having some mental health issues as well. Apparently he also may be responsible for creating the template for what became modern day computers. It is perhaps one of the best WWII era films that I have seen in a very long, long time. I don't know much about the real man, but Benedict Cumberbatch's performance was astounding! That man truly has superior talent when it comes for spot on acting. Not only him, but a tremendously talented cast was assembled for the film as well. Keira Knightley played for lack of a better term, Turing's beard of sorts although I am certain they cared very deeply for each other. Matthew Good was on of Turing's colleagues (Ozmandias from the Watchmen film), and he was of course spot on as well. Then there was Charles Dance and Mark Strong both of which can strengthen a film just by there mere presence being in it regardless of the size; both were quite amazing with their roles though. I think though that the biggest star of the film was the writing, the screenplay was beautiful and the dialog was so effortlessly spoken with such intricacy that you couldn't help but be captivated as people's mouths moved. Graham Moore wrote the screenplay which was adapted from the book written by Andrew Hodges. As a writer, I love words so much, and these two individuals created seemingly effortless works of art. The cinematography was also nicely done, although I wasn't that surprised by the lackluster score composed by Alexandre Desplat. Granted he did get an Oscar for The Grand Budapest Hotel, but this score was very...Salieri like (you won't get the reference unless you've seen the film Amadeus) which is to say that it all sounds rather like itself and is very simplistic sounding. John Williams would have been a good composer to tap, or Michael Giacchino. Oh well. Can't have everything unless you're James Cameron. It was a really amazing film and I definitely recommend it to people to watch regardless of who you are or what you believe. I was just looking at my school schedule when I realized that next week is the end of the second spring term, which means, I only have one round of classes remaining before I graduate! I have begun the job hunting process in earnest and soon I will begin the relocation bit as well. Such a great feeling to realize I am almost done. Hopefully I will be able to do more writing with my spare time. Well, everyone. Good night and good luck, oh and don't forget to watch the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer; it's pretty sweet!

The Imitation Game trailer

Keira Knightley and Benedict Cumberbatch interview

The Force Awakens Star Wars trailer latest (Wow!)

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