Monday, March 9, 2015

"I Have a Bad Feeling About this Mission...."

In the film Gravity there is a statement that nobody can hear you scream in space, which I am assuming is true even though I myself do not know for a fact, but what they presented sounded reasonable. It took me forever to watch this rather short film starring Sandra Bullock supported by George Clooney. Well, I think the best way to define it would be that it was very short, and in space. Honestly, I don't know if there is much to say about essentially a one woman show in space trying to get back home. Ms. Bullock provided an excellent performance that was quite believable and powerful, and Mr. Clooney was hilarious, serious, and in turn an excellent foil to Ms. Bullock's character. The plot of being stuck in space while completing an upgrade or to repair the Hubble telescope isn't necessarily anything new, and it reminded me a little bit of the 80's film Space Camp. There was suspense, which was nice and some really good drama; I have to say that the film's suspenseful turns were anything but predictable. The special visual effects were excellent; Alfonso Cuaron (director, writer, editor, etc.) did a fine job of putting the film together, and the sound editing was perhaps one of the finer technical parts of the film. Steven Price, who composed the music, didn't have a really memorable score; the music at the very end of the film sounded a wee bit like Hans Zimmer. The screenplay was well written, and the dialog was delivered beautifully thanks in turn to Ed Harris (mission control voice), Ms. Bullock, and Mr. Clooney. I might watch the film again possibly, so it has medium watchability. It's a good film, but if you don't watch it then you won't be missing anything super fantastic. Nobody may hear you scream in space, but on a rollercoaster ride everyone can hear you scream. This past weekend I visited Florida with my family and together we went to Sea World, which was cool. I did something I have never done in my entire life; I went on a rollercoaster ride called "The Kraken." All I have to say is wow! I have never done anything so death defying in my entire life. The way the ride began was us slowly going up and then there was a complete vertical drop as if I had stepped off a cliff and then....well, I closed my eyes for the duration of the rest of the ride. I don't know how or why people enjoy rollercoaster rides; it was one of the most terrifying things I have ever done in my entire life, yet at the same time after it happened I was kind of proud of myself for surviving it (as weird as that may sound).....though I don't think I would ever want to do that again.

Game of Thrones Season 5 latest trailer

Bates Motel interview with Freddie Highmore 

Bates Motel season 3 trailer (looks even more disturbing than the last season)

The Kraken rollercoaster ride at Sea World  (it was much more terrifying in person)

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