Sunday, October 5, 2014

The Price and Risk for Freedom.

What a weekend this turned out to be. Between all of the glitches that I had with technology I thought that I might have had a mental breakdown. Homework problems galore that took up hours of time of frustration, and then I had a phone malfunction on my work cell which created a whole set of problems. In a way it was a relaxing weekend, but not at the same time. I really should get all of my homework done during the week so that I can enjoy the weekends, although that would mean killing myself during the week which would not be fun. Well, for one of my grad school assignments the professor had us fiddling with html code which was a little daunting at first, but then I got the hang of it, although I still can't seem to embed a video from Youtube or create a proper hyperlink that works; it was rather frustrating. I have to say that it is difficult learning to write a new language, but it was rather nice to see the finished project. I would probably fiddle with it more for my own stuff if I had the time and energy for it. I cannot believe that there are essentially only 3 months of 2014 left. I was chatting with a client of mine and mentioned what I was doing in 2004, and he stated that he was an infant at the time; that made me feel quite aged. Always think that it will happen to adults and people older than you, but never yourself; it's kind of a weird feeling when it does happen. So I watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier this evening as a reward for completing most of my homework, and I have to say that I still enjoy it as much as I did in the theater, although I would prefer the I-MAX experience opposed to my television experience. Even though it is a film, it remains art, and something that the character of Steven Rogers stated that made me think, that freedom (not peace) has a risky price tag attached to it. I believe he is correct, and based on what globally is occurring in many countries I would also state that several people would agree with me as well. Something to consider, and these aren't really complex or even basic freedoms, they're the small ones, the ones people often take for granted. Government bureaucracy (red tape) restricts freedom, as do laws, rules, and regulations; another thing to consider when you go to the polls and vote for your government (state, local, and federal). Sometimes in a democracy freedom slips away so subtly that no one even notices. Kind of makes you wander if there is a type of "Hydra" like organization in governments across the world (not conspiracy like of course) but more so like the underlying philosophy; a small group of people or a singular individual believes that they know what's right for everyone, and will impose that will on everyone for their own good since they don't know any better. If you think about it there is historical precedence for it.

Inside Out trailer (the new Pixar film, and it looks quite promising)

Sebastian Stan on the "Winter Soldier"

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