Monday, October 27, 2014


What can one write after reading and hearing all of the news in the world but, "crap." Between a good portion of the world's population panicking about Ebola, and then all of the wars and violence in the Middle East, followed by the oppression of Russia, China, North Korea, a good many Arabic states, and countless other countries, not to mention the economic outlook isn't quite so optimistic, I guess "crap" is all there is to say (although I am certain one could arrive with much more colorful metaphors to describe reality). There are 2 big days coming in the first week of November, First up is Mid Term voting for the United States (please go out and vote for the individual who has brains and uses the ones in the head, not the ones in the lower parts of the body), the second big day is of course one of my favorite holidays "Guy Fawkes Day" the 5th of November. For the next 7 weeks I shall endeavor to work hard to complete my last 2 courses of 2014 for my graduate program, and then I shall only have 3 terms left before I graduate! What a relief that will be, and then hopefully I will be returning to San Diego, my home. In the past few days I've watching a few films I have never seen, and thought I'd share a brief opinion on some of them. John Carter had a lot of potential, but sucked; poor writing, poor design, poor music, poor everything really except for special effects possibly. 2012 was equally full of potential, but ultimately I believe it fell short. A flat, predictable story line focusing too much on mega special effects and not the type of character intimacy that the film should have possessed. Oliver Platt was awesome, and so was Woody Harrelson. Other than that, I was mostly annoyed with most of the major characters. This evening I watched 47 Ronin starring Keanu Reeves. I thought I was in for an epic, magical adventure set in Feudal Japan, but it turned out to be a dramatic spin on a non-fiction even that apparently happened in actual Japanese history in regards to a group of Samurai. The action was decent, the writing sucked, and Keanu Reeves played his flat self of course. The film however was shot beautifully. And I was a big fan of the morphing witch; that was a good character. I could see myself watching that film again, but if you don't ever see it, don't worry about missing anything great or fantastic. Well, have a good night and a happy Halloween everyone. Oh, side note on that event; you should really look up the history for that day as it is very fascinating what it is all about.

47 Ronin trailer

The Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer

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