Saturday, September 27, 2014

"Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down...."

I think that last year I stated that October was the month from hell, well it looks like September has been that as well for this year. I'm not certain if it's the same exact reasons as it was last year, but it seems that way. Grad school full time and working full time still are not a really good idea, but I have no other alternative, unless I want to be stuck in an unpleasant field and place my entire life. Work has been especially stressful because we have been so short staffed, yet still remain quite busy, and you can see the toll that it is taking on the departmental staff. As obvious by lack of blogging posts and absence on Twitter, I haven't been writing much of anything except for work and academic language, and it isn't really that fun or interesting most of the time. This sucks truth be told, but I find that I have very little energy for such things after school and work stuff, which dominates my life right now. I just started watching this show (which is my mindless escape from reality) called Boss starring Kelsey Grammer as a Chicago Mayor Thomas Kane (is this a parallel to previous Mayor Tom Daley, not sure but I wouldn't be surprised). It is an intense political show which lacks the finesse of House of Cards, but I think it is a more accurate portrayal of real life politics that take place today in Chicago, which power, money, and muscle dominate rather than the virtues of democracy. Illinois politics are some of the most corrupt in the United States (it has a number of previous governors in jail for corruption charges) and it is all because of Chicago and the greater surrounding area around it. I would say that very little honest and decent politics come out of Chicago. I am only going to write this once and let it be; President Obama did come from Chicago, and after watching this show, it kind of gets you thinking. Kelsey Grammer's performance is amazing; wow! Watching him in his character is awesome! All of the secondary characters are good as well, but they all revolve around him and as the show progresses you begin to understand how this man (Mayor Kane) has the "keys to the kingdom." If you haven't seen it and enjoy well written and well acted political dramas, then you'll like this show. Speaking of political dramas, President Obama seems to have finally found some guts and has finally decided to do something about the apocalyptic mess in the Middle East. Granted it is far too little, too late; I highly doubt bombs will destroy anything right now and will just create more animosity and strife. I also find it interesting that he finds a voice of justice and determination when a non-governmental force is violent and kills civilians without pause, but when an organized government is doing it against it's own people, well apparently to the Obama administration that is an entirely different matter. I don't even know how I can empathize with the people who are suffering out there in Iraq, Syria, Iran and other places where the violence is spilling out to. After what seems like over three years of blogging about the growing issue, I don't know if there is anything left to say. I try to make people aware of what is happening out there, and the only thing I can say is there is a mid term election coming up; please vote for people who want to protect not only our liberties and freedoms, but also help protect those in the world who cannot protect themselves. It is our greater duty as the most free, wealthiest and most powerful nation in the world. For now at least.

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