Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"Reponstible Is Not A Word!"

Well somehow I finished surviving the month of April. If it weren't my vacation, I think grad school and my job would have killed me by now. Fortunately, I have one more week of freedom before classes begin again, and I have to once again have that precarious balance of work and school, both of which are incredibly demanding. Despite having most that I want, I would settle for a relatively stress free life at the moment, which appears most elusive currently. I will not waffle on much about my place of employment other than the fact that I am weary of the job mentally and emotionally; it's pretty bad when your co-workers say that you've been getting worse over the past two weeks, and even when your clients make comments about your apparent stress level that is when you know you've got it bad. Even in the world there seems to be nothing but bad news; it's like the 70's (in the U.S) all over again, and what we need is a burst of confidence and invigoration that we got during the 80's. Nothing good is coming out of Ukraine or Eastern Europe with the great shadow of Russia looming over. Iraq, Syria, Egypt and Afghanistan all seem to be relatively bad news lately. There is some good news that I will be sharing tomorrow evening that has been long awaited. Don't forget to check it out, provided nothing catastrophic occurs. I was finally able to watch Saving Mr. Banks tonight. Tom Hanks as Walt Disney was perfect, and although I am uncertain what P.L. Travers was like in reality, I am certain that Emma Thompson did an excellent portrayal, as her performance was excellent. Thank goodness Walt Disney changed it the way that it ended up being; if Mrs. Travers had gotten her way then I think the film wouldn't have nearly been quite as delightful, regardless of what my sister thinks or claims. It was humorous, moving, and thoughtful; it really shows where writers draw their inspiration from when creating a type of fictional world. I found the background story of where Mary Poppins came from to be quite interesting, a perspective that I never really considered. I definitely recommend the film, and although it isn't meant for young kids, I believe older children could watch it and enjoy it and in that regard it could be considered a family movie. Well I am currently falling asleep, so I bid thee all a fond goodnight.

Saving Mr. Banks trailer

Saving Mr. Banks clip

Rebels trailer (looks good, but I'm still not holding out much hope or expectations).

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