Friday, April 4, 2014

Winter Heats Up!

If I were to describe the remainder of the month of March, it would be this: no time. Between school and work I had a small amount of time to take care of myself and relax, let alone do any writing or watching anything substantial enough to write about. Now however, I have been on vacation in San Diego for about a week now and it is wonderful! It has been a lifesaver to escape from reality and do just nothing except relax and see old friends again, and not have to worry about the angst of the workplace, although I still have to worry about grad school work, but that isn't too bad, or rather something I can handle while on vacation. I've been to the beach, been shopping, done a lot of driving, and spent a lot of good time with good people. Well progress on Book II of my trilogy has finally reached a big mile marker and I think it should be available this month. Here is the title of Book II of A Warrior's Tale "Dishonor's Scourge." Shortly I will be posting the cover for the new book, and then hopefully I will be posting a link for where to get the book from. Today I took a big departure from reality and watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier and it was lovely! Of all of the Marvel films that I have seen and that have been produced this I believe is perhaps the 2nd best thus far, with The Avengers of course being the first, and the original Iron Man being the 3rd best Marvel produced/based film. Chris Evans is Captain America, no question, and he gets deeper into his character (as much as possible) in this film, Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury was perfect and had a larger role in this film which was great. Scarlet Johansson as the Black Widow was just like before; intelligent, beautiful, and deadly, but with a more human side. For the new people, Robert Redford was an awesome edition to the cast and gave the film a good deal of credibility, and of course the man's talent is superb. Emily VanCamp's character was a little disappointing unfortunately as nothing was really done with her as it could have been. Anthony Mackie as Falcon (the guy with wings and a jet pack) was a great edition; not obnoxious, cool, and relatively well written. All around it was a very good cast, even the small roles, and of course the cameo by Stan Lee. The plot of the film is rather complex without giving too much away, but suffice to say that SHIELD isn't everything you thought it was, and that there shadows in the background calling all of the shots. The film was a lot of fun and was directed quite well for an action comic book film adaptation. The action sequences were really well done and choreographed. The music by Henry Jackman surprised me delightfully. It was actually a very well done, decent score with some good motifs; but none as more memorable than the one for The Winter Soldier. It was haunting and modern, and just perfectly fit the character. I think the 3-D was pretty good, from what I remember, although not too many things popped out; the depth and sound were awesome though. There were a lot of things that I enjoyed about the film, but none I enjoyed more than The Winter Soldier character; talk about a super cool villain and character, he was a lot of fun to watch, and an extra dimension within his character, though I will not spoil anything. Make certain that you stick around until all of the credits are gone; you will get a sneak peak of Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. If you like this genre of films then you will enjoy this one, and if you like good action films, then you will enjoy it too. Well I am going to continue to enjoy my San Diego vacation, sunshine, warm weather, and excellent company and continue this escape from reality.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier preview

Captain America: The Winter Soldier featurette

Godzilla trailer (I do have to say there are possibilities)

Expendables 3 Trailer (looks promising)

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