Saturday, February 8, 2014

Have Shovel, Snow Will Fall.

It's a good thing that I didn't have anything planned for today because all it did was snow all day long, and it was that big fluffy stuff. I hate snow. It's strange to think that a year ago today I was still technically unemployed and living with my sister and brother in-law in their basement, whereas today I have been at the same job for almost a year and now have my own place. Just when you think all is going to hell, things turn out pretty good. So there was skiing, snowboarding, and skating on today that I watched for the Olympics. Granted I am about a day plus behind on who is winning or losing what, but I am going to go according to what gets broadcast on NBC as it comes that way there are no surprises before I see the competition. The US made an impressive show with the snowboard freestyle slope (or something like that) and Sage Kotsenburg won a gold medal for the event. For figure skating in the team event, the United States is currently at 3rd thanks to the great talent of ice dancing couple Charlie White and Meryl Davis who gave a fantastic performance. It should get more interesting as the events move along, and I try to remain aloof to what has happened until after I have seen it. For on the Oscars for tonight we have Best Animated Feature Film: The Croods, Despicable Me 2, Ernest & Celestine, Frozen, and The Wind Rises. Okay, I have seen none of these films but have heard a lot about them. Now most of these studios/creators have won Oscars before, and then there's the success/money point of view to take into account, but after all of that I'm going with Frozen, although there is a good chance that Ernest & Celestine will win instead. The Oscars frequently like the underdog. Oh I can't wait for summer, although I'd settle for spring right about now. Have a good night everyone.

The Croods trailer

Despicable Me 2 trailer

Ernest & Celestine trailer

Frozen trailer

The Wind Rises trailer

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