Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"All Those Who Gain Power are Afraid to Lose it....."

So I continued my marathon of Stars Wars this evening with Revenge of the Sith, and even though it isn't as visually stunning as Attack of the Clones, it's still pretty great, and yes it remains my 2nd favorite of the saga, with The Empire Strikes Back being my favorite. Getting back into the groove at work went better than I had anticipated, although I felt like Westley from The Princess Bride when he gets so many years of life sucked out of him. Hopefully there will be no relapses. In regards to my trilogy, I am working on finalizing the textblock of the book and working on the back cover. Next up will be the cover art, which I am very excited to work with the artist on. Slowly but surely everything continues to move along. So tonight at the Oscars we have Best Actress in a Leading Role: Amy Adams, Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock, Judi Dench, and Meryl Streep.Well right off the bat Cate, Sandra and Meryl aren't going to get it because they already have Oscars, although my gut is telling me that Cate might get it. My money is on Amy Adams though; very talented, and always delivers a great performance, although I would be fine with Judi Dench winning as well. Now we'll see what comes of my predictions. Hopefully I will get to blog on that, unless I end up buried in a snow bank created by snow falling and the wind drifting it as well. There it is.

Amy Adams on American Hustle

Cate Blanchett on Blue Jasmine

Sandra Bullock on Gravity

Judi Dench on Philomena

Meryl Streep on August: Osage County

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