Monday, January 6, 2014

A Polar Vortex.

While my friends, cohorts, and former co-workers bask in 72 degree F. temperatures, I was battling a wind chill of -44 degrees F. this morning on my way to work. I was so cold that 0 degrees felt oh so warm. Despite the danger of frostbite and drifting snow due to excruciatingly painful winds, my place of employment was not closed, and though I have many thoughts on that topic, I will bite my tongue as I do not want history repeating itself. I believe several weather people are stating that a "polar vortex" has settled over the US Midwest. Sounds like something out of a catastrophe film, which is essentially what is going on. It will be a little over 3 years since the Arab Spring began, and a short while after what began as protests in Syria led to an armed civil war that has claimed well over 120,000 people. It has not gotten better, Assad is still in power and people continue to die, and the U.S. government has maintained the same position it had before.....doing nothing. Except now the violence is spreading to places like Lebanon, Iraq, Israel and Jordan, all four of which are US allies, and the US has special interests in making certain that those countries remain stable so as not to fall under a similar sway as Iran currently finds itself. Meanwhile in the US there is a debate about whether or not President Obama should have been vacationing in Hawaii for 2 weeks....hmm....I'll let you all riddle that one out. Anyways. A week from today I start graduate school classes up again.....oh joy. One last week of freedom before I begin to lose track of everything again. I would like to wish a couple of people happy birthday; Jeremy who's birthday was yesterday, David, who's birthday is on Thursday, and Marcos, who's birthday is on this coming Sunday (just in case I forget). You guys are awesome and I love ya all; happy birthday!!!! So this evening I felt like watching some lighter fare, so I put on this film called I Don't Know How She Does It starring Sarah Jessica Parker, Greg Kinnear, and Pierce Brosnan; Kelsey Grammer makes a small cameo role. It's a humorous story about a working mother that tries to balance both work and family life together, but when she gets this big opportunity at her job she finds it a little more difficult to juggle family life, work life and personal life. All three of the main cast members provided an astounding performance, and what was nice was that it depicted a rather nice modern, functioning family without coming off as cynical, bitter, or feminist or anti-feminist. If you enjoy comedy and some drama, then you will enjoy this film, and I also think it could be an excellent date film with your significant other. Well, may we all live and survive another day. Live long and prosper all.

I Don't Know How She Does It trailer

House of Cards season 2 (Wow! It looks fantastic!!!!!)

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