Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Continuum of Reality.

We have reached the half way mark of the month, thank God! This has been the worst month of the year so far, or rather the most stressful and I cannot wait for it to be over. So what is there to report? Well not too much per se. It has been the same for me as of late; work and graduate school. The only writing I seem to do revolves around those two areas and this blog, which sucks, but then I figured that is how it would be when I got myself into this...situation. The world is in the same shape, but I will not be getting on my soap box tonight. There has been a shift in the weather towards the cooler side of things, which is nice, but at the same time I remember what winter was like and I can't say that I am eagerly looking forward to it. I am almost coming on the exact day one year ago that I left San Diego; a life changing/altering decision, and one year later I am actually in a far better situation than I have been in years. The only downside is that I live in a rather dreadful city and state with no benefits or anything really. Even though California was expensive with ridiculous legislation, at least they had the climate and the ocean view. I began watching this show called Continuum last night and I was expecting it to be dreadful based on what I was told, but so far I have been quite pleased with it. Granted it is science fiction so some of it is quite corny at times, but it is quite interesting with some good characters as of now. Time traveling is kind of old, especially when you travel from the future to 2012 to save the world from wealthy and powerful corporations; I wonder why they don't make shows about going back in time to stop terrible governments? Something to ponder. For those Star Wars fans out there season 5 of the Clone Wars was released on DVD and yes before I was writing this I was watching an episode, most likely my favorite one; Darth Maul and Savage Oppress fighting against Darth Sidious. It doesn't get better than that, although I'm sure it could one day. Also, Pacific Rim was also released on DVD, which is an amazing film and everyone should watch it and enjoy it, in my own biased opinion of course. I really need to get back to reading books, it has been such a long while since I have read anything good, but with grad school that will probably be doubtful. What I really need to do is kick myself in the backside and get writing again; I've gone too far without writing anything, but this job of mine is so not conducive to writing whatsoever. Life sucks, but then again what have I to truly complain about. Good night and good luck.

Continuum Trailer

Hercules: The Legend Begins trailer (it doesn't look that good; why is it that Hollywood can't  get Greek mythology right?)

The Clone Wars Season 5 trailer

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