Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Apparently the man who knew too little is actually a reality. The USA executive branch has been having quite the showdown with the world lately. You would think that the only way a US president would allow his spy agencies to spy on world leaders would be if they didn't get caught. Kind of makes you wonder what else President Obama's cabinet is hiding; think Edward Snowden and Julian Assange being the tip of the iceberg. What else is the government doing that they do not want the world, let alone their own citizens knowing that they are in fact doing? I know I talk a lot about freedom for people across the world, but let us take a look in the American backyard. In the past ten years the executive branch of the US government has begun to wield and accrue too much singular power; there needs to be more oversight and accountability by the House and the Senate, not too mention the federal government just needs to have a lot of power stripped away and handed to the states. Dictators always start out as men and women who mean well but along the way think he or she alone have the answers to all of the problems, and they are not willing to negotiate or listen to anyone else's ideas, thoughts and opinions. The United States has some of the most incredible freedom and protections in the world (just think of Russia at the moment), so I would like to see it remain that way. I have to say it should be interesting to see how all of this turns out for the President; he hasn't even gotten through year one of his reelection yet, yet it seems like he is halfway through his 2nd four year term. Anyways. Classes for grad school started yesterday and all I have to say so far is, yuck! It is either just me (which is quite possible) or I have some of the worst graduate professors ever as they have difficulty clarifying and explaining projects, what they want in a paper, and how to do what they want in a paper. I swear that has been my entire graduate experience so far, and it isn't helping to motivate me very well whatsoever. But if I can push through this and get my Masters degree, I'll be in a far better place, at least I hope; who knows anymore these days. So I thought a good Halloween film to watch would be Sleepy Hallow starring Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci along with a fantastic British supporting cast (the best kind ever). Tim Burton's work was great in the film, but I will always think of Danny Elfman's amazing score from the film; possibly one of my favorites of all time. A few more days and Halloween will be here. If you've ever studied the holiday, where it came from and what it means I think you would be very interested, or repulsed depending on your point of view. Well good night everyone, and don't forget to cherish that freedom (if you have it) which other people do not possess.

Sleepy Hollow film clip

X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer (I have no clue what is going, but it does look interesting).

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