Sunday, October 6, 2013

Before The Fall....

There is no time like the present. Last week was from hell. Between work and school I thought that I was going to pull my hair out and rip off my facial hair. It was just one crisis after another at work, and we were frequently understaffed, and I was working late night and going into work early to remain compliant with my caseload. October certainly began with a bang, and that goes for the U.S. government as well, even though it wasn't quite what everyone anticipated to happen. A lot of people are saying that the shut down is bad, but I think that less federal government is a good thing; Americans need to remember that they can survive without a big, powerful and centralized federal government. "....Government should be afraid of their people...." And that is so true, and that goes for any government, not just for Americans. Syria is a huge mess and a murderous dictator will continue to rule thanks to Europe and the United States do nothing approach and attitude. Well, in other news. I watched this film Rosemary's Baby which is from the late sixties or so directed by Roman Polanski before he fled the U.S. on rape charges, and it also starred a very, very young Mia Farrow. I thought that since it was the month of Halloween that it would be good to watch a classic creepy/horror film, except it wasn't that good or that scary. I don't know what people saw in it, but I wouldn't waste my time on it if I were you. I started watching this science fiction series called Caprica since I finally, at long last finished watching all 7 seasons of Star Trek: Voyager. The first episode was a little shaky, but it has gotten better in the episodes following. Since I have watched the 4 seasons from the Battlestar Galactica it is quite fascinating to watch a bit of the pre-backstory, even thought technically it's not really the backstory, but rather a repeat of history. The writing and characters are a little hit miss, but if they would have stayed true to the core characters and made it a little more action based and interesting with technology, than they might have progressed to another couple of seasons rather than just one. But we shall see how the first and only season progresses. I also may have some news concerning Book II of my trilogy, so stay tuned. Now as the second week of October is beginning, I am hoping that it is much calmer and slower, and that people begin to moderate their children's "craziness" if I can use a non-technical psychological term. Good luck out there everyone; the world is a mad, mad, mad place, and good night.

Caprica trailer

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit trailer (looks....entertaining, but The Hunt for the Red October will always remain my favorite, and in my opinion the best.)

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