Friday, October 11, 2013


Apotheosis (from Greek ἀποθέωσις from ἀποθεοῦν, apotheoun "to deify"; in Latin deificatio "making divine"; also called divinization and deification) is the glorification of a subject to divine level. The term has meanings in theology, where it refers to a belief, and in art, where it refers to a genre.
In theology, the term apotheosis refers to the idea that an individual has been raised to godlike stature. In art, the term refers to the treatment of any subject (a figure, group, locale, motif, convention or melody) in a particularly grand or exalted manner.
So I finished watching the show Caprica which of course was a prequel of sorts to Battlestar Galactica and aside from the harping on about religion and "the one true god" it was a pretty good show once it got going, which I am discovering is oftentimes how science fiction shows go irritatingly enough. As for the stuff above and the title, it refers to the final episode of the show, and I believe it is also the final number for the "Sleeping Beauty" Ballet by Tchaikovsky. If you can bear and then navigate through a good deal of crap on Caprica then you will be able to get to the enjoyable parts of the show, one of which is played by Polly Walker, Clarice Willow, who is just an amazing actress (she was in Rome, and played Atia of the Junii). Eric Stolz as Daniel Graystone was another excellent choice and he did an incredible job. If you haven't watched any Battlestar Galactica then I would suggest passing on it. I began watching this miniseries called Pope Pius XII which is about the Roman Pope who was around during the reign of Hitler, and how he responded (or rather didn't) to the treatment of the Jewish population. James Cromwell plays his holiness the Pope, and does a competent job, but I think someone else could have pulled off a much more convincing performance, but so far so good. I don't know too much about what the Catholic church didn't do, aside from helping the Nazis escape and not really condemning publicly what was happening to the Jewish population of Europe at the hands of the Nazis and Adolph Hitler. Well, work was once again hell this week, but it is over for this week thank God! Trying to get on top of my caseload has been ridiculously difficult and complicated. Thank goodness I am getting my MA in I-O Psychology! The news in the world is the same old same old. I wish I had something new and good to report, but it seems greed and selfishness tend to be business as usual for today's age. Due to the press the U.S. government shut down is getting, Syria has been out of the headlines, as has Edward Snowden, and then there's the oppressive measures Vladimir Putin has been issuing in Russia. People are in general so short sighted unfortunately. May God continue to be with those who are oppressed, tortured, and forgotten; one day it will not be so.

Documentary on Pope Pius XII

I, Frankenstein trailer (looks terrible, but has a great cast; who knows)

Star Wars: Rebels teaser trailer (not much, but it's coming along)

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