Saturday, September 7, 2013

Into Oblivion.

Tip of the day: always make certain that your gas is turned on for wherever you are living if you wish to have your dryer appliance actually dry your clothes versus just having them tumble around for hours on end. I just watched an NBC news video about the Syrian Civil War. Apparently the President's administration released some graphic videos depicting the horrors the Assad regime is unleashing upon his people via the chemical weapons, such as sarin gas. It was deeply disturbing, as many of the images were of children, and rows of either dead bodies or dying bodies. I wonder what it would be like to live in such a place where death is more common than joy, happiness, or even life for that matter. I feel as if I am out of words about how to describe the carnage and death taking place over in Syria. May God continue to be with those people, and may Assad reap in full all of the evil he has sown. Switching gears, if one could do that from something so horrible to something light. I did some homework, relaxed, and spent some time with me mother and nephew. Eventually later on in the evening I watched this film called Oblivion and all I have to say is yuck. 40 minutes into the film something finally interesting and exciting happened, and even after that it still slogged on. Tom Cruise did fine as Jack the hero and main character, Morgan Freeman was wasted in this film totally, as was Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (plays Jamie Lannister in Game of Thrones). Olga Kurylenko (was in Quantum of Solace) did fine, but the writers didn't do a very good job with her character. Andrea Riseborough played Victoria, Tom Cruise's....assistant, and she did fine, but was a very boring character. Basically aliens came and attacked the earth, the humans fought back and won, but not without a price. The Earth is contaminated and everyone is relocating to Titan slowly. However, Jack is raising questions about the mission he is on, and as he explores the world he once called home, he begins to find out that everything is not as it seems. The plot was simplistic, easily predictable, and nothing really original was done. I felt like I was watching a weak science fiction based love story with a man that loved listening to music on record, loved football and baseball, and liked to shoot baskets. I'm sorry, but that isn't interesting to me, and it once again shows that many of the roles that Tom Cruise plays he does a dreadful job with, or rather the films he ends up choosing are usually just plain dreadful. I'm giving it a "Poor Ability" and am advising people to not watch it. I truly believe it sucks that much. Everyone try to have a good rest of a weekend.

Oblivion trailer

The Fifth Estate (it's an older trailer, but I recently came across. Great cast, and it looks very interesting especially since it is about Julian Assange.)

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