Saturday, September 28, 2013

Family or Faith?

For me it has been a very off week. At work I felt as if I had very little motivation to do anything, but when I spoke to many of my co-workers, they felt similar. I am uncertain why we felt that way, but I suppose that September has just been a very busy month to the point of exhaustion, and now it's almost over, so some tired apathy I suppose is inevitable. I have been quite busy with graduate school in conjunction with work. Pretty much my life is consumed by the two, and what's remaining is what I use to unwind and stay sane. I cannot complain though; when I am finished with higher level of degree I will certainly be reaping the benefits of it tenfold. Enough though of such things. I read something quite disturbing tonight in the Wall Street Journal (actually I read several things, but this one stood out). I don't know how many of you are aware of the oppression in the Sudan, especially in the region of Darfur, but the butchery that has been going on there has gone on for too long, and no one has done anything about it. Apparently, President Obama (before he attained his current position in the U.S. government) made a remark that ignoring the bloodshed going on would be "a stain on our souls." Yet he has done absolutely nothing in that region of the world, and he is doing nothing in Syria but giving the Assad regime time to tighten it's grip with the help of Russia and Iran. You know, there's a line from the Captain America film about why the hero want's to go to Europe and fight Nazis I believe he said something to the extent of "I don't like bullies." I don't care for bullies either. I am concerned about the fate of the world and the defenseless people in it when no one will stand up to the bullies in the world, as the United States used to. Our credibility to bullies though now is a joke, even America's allies probably don't think much of us anymore. Russia seems to regaining it's influence in the world, China continues to grow and cultivate its influence, and Germany is the reckoning force within Europe; the United States is like the Old Republic in Star Wars; waning due to decadence, greed, and government strangulation. Yes I am being very harsh, but people say that history repeats itself for a reason; people never learn and always make the same mistakes. In other news. I started watching Season 3 of The Borgias (talk about decadence) and it is good, but not as good as the 1st season was, nor second so far. The characters are continuing to grow, some for the worst some for the better, but honestly I don't see this show going past a fourth season, and I would be surprised if it even it gets another season after the 3rd. I'm not certain why television and film producers have been fascinated with portraying incest, but it is becoming quite....bad. You know what this world needs until Jesus returns; a fighting force of men and women that use guns and money to battle and eliminate tyrants and oppressive dictators, like G.I. Joe.

The Borgias documentary feature on incestuous characters

The Borgias episode preview

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