Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week 1 Over. 1 Week Left.

I am loving my vacation. I went on a fishing trip and caught a bunch of fish which lasted for a few days. Floating down a river with pleasant company and a pleasant view is just amazing. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed fishing, which I haven't done in well over a decade, but my grandfather did an excellent job of instructing me on the basics, so it all came back to me quite easily. It was a peaceful, albeit long trip which drained me and I got a little sunburned, but in the end it was quite the experience. Yesterday I acquired the urge to do a little bike riding down the mountain, which was lovely. I had my i-Pod on and was cruising down the gravel paths having a blast. I even talked to a bunch of people once I got out of the mountains and got some reception on my cell phone. I was not prepared however, for the trip of bicycling back up the mountain. I don't know what the hell I was thinking! Honestly, it was ridiculous. I hadn't gone too far when I was getting tired already, so I had to take a lot of breaks because having the apparent "man of steel" complex that I possess, I thought that I wouldn't need any water so I didn't bring any. It was a very, very hot day with the sun shining and it was very dry. Therefore by the time I arrived back at the place that I was staying at, I say the least about half dead, or rather felt it. I am most likely never doing that again, and I am even hesitant to go on a hike, which I typically love to do. I think I need to get more in shape. Last night I went on a ride along with my friend that I am staying with who is a deputy for the sheriff's department here in Montana. 7pm-7am; it was a long night, but I made it through without falling asleep at all. We had some adventures looking for some juvenile delinquents, and had to take some kids home who were out doing God knows what at 2am. Apparently the parents didn't have a clue about what their children were doing, and one mother didn't even care that her son was out and about; she was drunk or high on drugs. I felt bad for the kid, and I hope that he's alright considering mom had a few random "gentlemen friends" present. It was definitely a memorable adventure. I have the rest of the week for my vacation before I head back home to work, and to graduate school. World news is grim, apparently there was another attack in Damascus, Syria where the Assad regime used chemical weapons on its people. Apparently the Obama administration and cabinet is "weighing" all options seriously as over 100,000 people have died so far, with no end in sight. I watched this one news show where one of the commentators stated that there needs to be more public and political debate before any military action is taken. Somehow I don't think that will be very comforting to the people in Syria.

Pompeii trailer (looks pretty good)

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