Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The 2013 Montana Adventure Thus Far.......

Driving 15000 miles is quite....a long time. Getting out of Wisconsin wasn't too difficult, Minnesota I don't really remember too much because I drove through that without much difficulty and it was late in the night/evening. The same thing pretty much went for South Dakota. I concluded the first leg of the adventure at 1am in the morning Mountain Time, and fell asleep in the back of the vehicle I was driving in a hotel parking lot for about five hours. I then began driving at 5:30am and didn't stop again until I arrived at my destination around 5:30pm. If you ever drive across the breadth of the state of Montana then God bless you; it is long, with loads of construction, and the people who drive there are nuts, or at least the majority of the people I came across. In all fairness though, the people in Wisconsin drove equally nutty too. I have never been so exhausted while driving before in the early morning hours; I almost nodded off a few times, and experienced difficulty focusing on the road. Fortunately no one else was present during those precise moments. Aside from those difficulties I almost did get in a few car accidents because of stupid drivers, but God and my guardian angels were keeping the morons from running me over. For the most part it was a boring and long drive, especially the last bit. Going back will....be equally difficult at times. I think I shall fly next time around. So I am here enjoying my vacation in the mountainous side of Montana, relaxing and enjoying the natural landscapes. So far I've done a lot of nothing, eaten deer steak, fired a bunch of guns and then cleaned them, and now I am now embarking on a fishing trip. Should be great. Let me get back to the day I shot a bunch of guns. Now I am not a "hick" "redneck" or anything remotely connected with those American colloquialisms. There is something exhilarating about shooting something destructively powerful at non-living targets. So I shot a shot-gun, .40 caliber & sub-compact version as well, .22 rifle caliber, and then my all time favorite the AR-15 assault rifle. I cannot begin to say how much fun it was shooting this assault rifle, and I was being monitored and taught by my friend a trained expert as he is a member of the sheriff's department. This is the individual that I am visiting; we go back all the way back to my first year as a freshman in college. We shall see how the fishing goes over the next couple days; apparently the fish that are available to be caught are about three feet long and more. I am also reading this fantastic and interesting book called "I Know You are Lying: Detecting Deception through statement Analysis" by Mark McClish. Think of it as being similar to the show Lie to Me except that this writer focuses more on the words written and spoken by individual more than body languages and other physiology. It has been quite a fascinating read thus far, and if you are interested in deception detection then you should read this book and look into this man's research. Well that's about it for now. Ya'll have an excellent day tomorrow.

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