Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I Got In!!!

I remember back when I was in my freshman year of college that I was planning to go to graduate school and get my Ph.D.  Ever since then my pursuit of even higher education after obtaining my B.A. has been a large priority. I've looked into Masters & Doctorate level programs for Counseling, I-O Psychology, Social Work, Marriage Family Therapy, Forensic Psychology, and Clinical Neuropsychology. My reasons have changed constantly with what I thought that I wanted to do within the realm of psychology, but apparently me losing my job and leaving San Diego was the catalyst for me to finally find the path that would be the correct fit for me. In short, I applied recently to gain admittance to a graduate program for a Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and I was accepted as of today into the program! Classes begin in September, and according to my guidance counselor, it should take approximately 22 months to complete the program, although that is somewhat dependent on how quickly I move through all of the work and courses. For about six years I have been waiting and working towards this moment, and now that I have finally reached it, I feel as if I can take a deep breath. I still want that Ph.D or Psy.D, but for now I will keep my eye on the immediate prize. I finished watching season 7 of Dexter yesterday evening, and it was good with a surprising twist. Overall though, it was good, but not great; the ending wasn't all that impressive. The earlier seasons were fantastic, especially season 4. That I think might have been the best season, or season 5 which had Julia Stiles in it. Season 8 is apparently the final season, so it should be interesting to see how they wrap all of this up after so many years, so many kills, and some pretty incredible drama. I remember the first time I ever heard the show Dexter referenced. I was working in a Borders bookstore as a barrista, when one of my co-workers mentioned that she wanted to go home after a long day of work and watch her Tivo'd episode of Dexter, at first I thought that the show was about some odd, little eccentric man who was some sort of geek. It wasn't until I got Netflix and looked into the show that I really knew what the show was about, and right from the first episode from the first season I was hooked. Got a fair bit of editing for Book II completed tonight despite being a little sick, which hopefully will turn into nothing. Things are getting worse in Egypt, and oddly yet again Syria seems to have been omitted from the news; I'm not quite certain what's up with that, but for the people and country of Egypt let us hope that it is the dark before the dawn.

Interview with Michael C. Hall and Yvonne Strahovski

Dexter Season 8 trailer (don't watch unless you want everything spoiled)

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