Thursday, July 18, 2013

Anyone in the Mood for Fishing?

Work for the past few days has been a mixed bag of nuts. Sufficed to state that I am disappointed and that the individuals who run the company should employ an I-O Psychologist, and that's all I am going to say on the matter as I do not want history to repeat itself. In other news, Detroit declared bankruptcy; should be interesting if this becomes a habit for U.S. cities, or perhaps even the country itself. Rather depressing isn't it, but if you watch or read the news, there is very little if anything that is positive. Kind of sucks, but that's what happens where there are a lot of evil and selfish people in the world. Anyways. So ironically tonight I watched the film Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and I also ate salmon tonight as well (that truly was not planned). There is something about small, intimately made British films that I enjoy so much; such was this one. Starring Ewan McGregor, Emily Blunt, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Amr Waked. It's about a Yemenese Sheikh that wants to bring the sport of salmon fishing to the country of Yemen, and brings two particular individuals together to make it all happen. All good things to say about the leading cast of course. It was a humorous and endearing story, with excellent writing and lovely characters that pulled you in and had the audience caring deeply and cheering for their successes and weeping in their distresses. The screenplay was well written (Simon Beaufoy) which was based upon the novel written by Paul Torday. The music by Dario Marianelli was pretty good as well; not necessarily memorable, but beautiful like he usually composes for films oftentimes. It was a delightful film that I would watch again; the performances of the leading cast were fresh and compellingly intimate. It's good when as a filmgoer you come across something that could be construed as a breath of fresh air; not all of that sexed up, rehashed crap that Hollywood and average American audiences enjoy assaulting their senses with on a constant basis. I'm giving the film an "Admirable Ability" and encourage individuals who enjoy good films to watch it, although it is a character, intimate driven drama; there is no action or steamy sex scenes, so there you have it. Well I'm finishing the work week tomorrow thank goodness, and then in two days it will begin all over again; I cannot wait to get my graduate degree and then be able to use it.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen trailer

Interviews with Ewan McGregor & Emily Blunt

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