Friday, June 14, 2013

"What's Another Word for...Engorged?"

Every generation I guess will have its "teeny-bopper" films, fads and other popular things. Ten Things I Hate About You in my opinion just isn't another faddish teenage film, which I firmly believe is in large part due to its cast: Heather Ledger, Julia Stiles and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I love this film with its witty dialog, humorous stereotypes, and of course the play off of Shakespeare. Even though its from 1999 and I've seen it so many times, it still makes me laugh so much. Definitely a good sign of a well made film. If you haven't seen the film then you should, although since it is dated to a point, if you didn't grow up with it, then you might not like it, so watch it for the cast. It is what launched Heather Ledger into the spotlight. So after a bunch of bitter-dreadful news, the Syrian rebels are apparently finally going to get the help they should have gotten right from the beginning. President Obama was decided to agree to allow the Syrian rebels to be given arms, although I think he is doing this begrudgingly due to all of the pressure that he is receiving on the issue. Personally, I think it is too little too late; rather like the French helping the Americans towards the end of the war of Independence from Great Britain. It is most likely that many hearts have been hardened already, and God only knows how much time it will take for all of that damage to be undone. Regardless, I hope this "help" will actually be helpful for the the rebels and allow them to topple their brutal dictator. I was reading the Wall Street Journal the other day and I thought it was rather ironic that Hezbollah (on Assad's side) was fighting Al Qaeda (on the rebels' side). Who would have ever thought, so I suppose anything is possible if two terrorist organizations are fighting each other. I am continuing to settle into my new place, and I should be back to writing and editing tomorrow as I finally got my computer set up thanks to one of my co-workers providing me with a table. Slowly but surely all of the pieces and furniture (as well as the decor) will come together, one by one. Apparently nothing of great interest happened this week as I cannot recall much of anything, so I suppose I will leave it at that. Live long and prosper.

10 Things I Hate About You trailer

300: Rise of an Empire trailer (looks surprisingly good, but we shall see. I like the cast).

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