Saturday, June 15, 2013

Is it Safe to Time Travel?

Obviously that is a rhetorical question, although feel free to postulate on the possibilities; it keeps the mind sharp to debate such improbabilities. So tonight I finally sat down and watched Safety Not Guaranteed which is a small independent film about a man who puts an add in a newspaper looking for someone to time travel with him. A young and upcoming writer at a magazine volunteers to go with one of the main writers and another intern to find out if this guy is for real, of just plain nuts. While the main writer is interested in an old fling, the other writer/intern Darius, begins to hang out with this man, Kenneth, and together the two of them prepare and pysch themselves up for this time travel event. However, the two of them become more than just business partners. In due time as well, the trio from the magazine finds out that this guy is being followed indeed by people from the government. Yet everything is not as it seems. So this wasn't a great film, but it was good and it was also fun. I really liked the time travel story line, but the story line about the one guy hooking up with an old flame, that was kind of lame, but it had potential. Everyone was essentially unknown in this film, but it was a great cast. I really enjoyed the concept of the entire film, and I think it would fit the criteria for a really good date night film if you're looking for one. I'll give it an "Admirable Ability" rating, and yes I believe I would recommend it for other people to see, granted it's not going to win any Oscars, but it will lightly entertain, and at least it is rather fresh and new instead of the same predictable and boring crap that is for the most part out there. My dining room table and chairs were delivered today and look awesome in the new place. Next up is living room furniture. I also finally got my office together, so now I have a place to write and create once more. Stay cool everyone, and best of luck with the reality that is life.

Safety Not Guaranteed trailer

Tyrion & Tywin Lannister (I love scenes with these two in them)

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