Friday, June 7, 2013

Getting It All Together.

I am completely exhausted. Between work and moving between today and this past Wednesday, I am bushed. My new place is divine, and I am getting everything put away and organized, although a lack of furniture is hampering that goal unfortunately. I'll get there eventually though. Have I ever mentioned that I hate moving? The worst is boxes of books, and other really heavy and awkward objects. Tonight is the only real downtime I've had since Wednesday, and boy does it feel great to sit back and relax and do nothing...well almost nothing. So as of late there has been plenty of good news for me all around. Between moving out into my own place, and the progress on my second book, I am also one step closer to admission into graduate school. I have to write a statement of purpose this weekend, and then send that over to my graduate counselor. So much fun you have no idea, but it shouldn't be that difficult as opposed to writing a 500 page plus book. Honestly a great deal has happened since Tuesday, but I cannot seem to recall very much of it. The world continues to fall apart. It appears sadly, that between the combined military might of Assad's forces, Iran, Hezbollah, and Russia that the Syrian Rebels could be facing a defeat. I'm not certain what people from Western countries think should be done in that country, or what their appetite is for conflict, but I believe for multiple reasons, which chief among them is freedom from tyranny, is that help should be given immediately, and should have been given years ago when the whole mess began. I cannot state anything for any other country save my own, and I have said it, but I will keep on saying it; President Obama should have intervened along with NATO right from the start. It is a dreadful mistake which will haunt this country in the future for a very long time I have a feeling. I really hope that the Syrian people pull off this revolution, but without any assistance I am doubtful that they will be successful. Meanwhile the American Federal government continues to get larger and poke its nose where it shouldn't belong. Who knows then how long Americans will be facing a similar situation like Syria, or something much more subtle as in Russia, or monstrously efficient as in China. Who then will help us, when we help nobody but ourselves. Anywho. That's my soap box for tonight. I'm finishing up The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen starring Sean Connery and a few other notable British acting talents. A very fun film, and it is full of Victorian era heroes and characters, which of course is part of the reason why I find it so endearing. Well there it is. Have a fantastic weekend everyone.

LXG Trailer

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