Sunday, June 16, 2013

An Ideal to Look Up To....

I was shocked that a number of people wanted to get up really early to see Man of Steel in IMAX-3-D, but there I was around 9am in a crowded theatre to see what Zack Snyder did to the classic do gooder super hero. The director's choice of Henry Cavill to play Clark Kent/Kal-El was perfect, as the actor projects boyish, good natured charm, but also possesses a dark and mysterious element. He is also incredibly good looking, and has a muscled body that every man would kill for. Obviously he is also a talented actor, but I think he was chosen more for what he visually brings to the film rather his talent as an actor. Zack Snyder is more of a visual filmmaker, but he also is able to usually deliver solid dialog and a fantastic story, with awesome characters that are fresh and new (so far from what I can remember). If it isn't obvious that I really think highly of this director, well there you have it. Sucker Punch, Watchmen, and 300 were visual feasts with awesome locales and characters. Man of Steel keeps with his stunning visual spectacularness that he is known for, but he subscribed to a more Hollywood traditional approach when constructing this film, but that's okay. Anyways. With this version of "Superman" we start at the beginning, and without Lex Luthor (at least for now, although Lexcorp makes some interesting appearances). Russell Crowe as Jor-El was a perfect choice, as was Michael Shannon for General Zod. I loved how Krypton was designed and shot; it really worked really, really well. It was beautiful and ancient, which made it seem real in a sense. Amy Adams was perfect as Lois Lane, although Laurence Fishburne didn't really quite do it for me as Perry White, but he wasn't all that bad. Kevin Costner and Diane Lane as Clark's parents were also fine choices. Casting was done very well on this film. Hans Zimmer's Score (as opposed to the music John Williams originally did) was....okay; I have to listen to it a couple more times before I come up with a concrete decision, but on first listen it came across as good, but nothing too memorable or impressive/catchy. That was a little disappointing. The 3-D was also a little disappointing as well, either that or I am just getting so used to seeing that format that nothing jumps out anymore. The action in this film was fast paced, and there was a lot of it to be certain. I was actually getting a headache towards the end of the film when it was all seemingly non-stop. This is where I wished that they would have focused more on building up the characters rather than doing so much action to where it almost seemed like overkill. Oh well. Artistic differences I suppose. I'm giving the film an "Admirable Ability," but don't get me wrong it was highly entertaining and enjoyable and I will certainly watch it again, but there are several elements to which I eluded to above that were lacking from the film. I do recommend that everyone watch it though, as I think the message is something that everyone could use right now; hope. This new Superman is all about hope, and he is it; a paragon of true good, that uses ultimate power not for personal gain, but to help others. He has no ego to strut about, he's a gentleman, he helps those that despise and reject him, and he's trustworthy. Sound like someone else perhaps? Well I'll let all of you come to that conclusion on your own. Anyways. He is a representation of everything that there isn't at least in the United States Government, and in the average American citizen unfortunately (I'll let the rest of the world judge itself). This world needs hope right now and lots of it, why not find inspiration from a film depiction of a comic book character.

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