Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Man Who Made Psycho.

It's odd to think that this week is already half-way over. I find it quite remarkable that time continues to soar by the older and busier that I become; I wonder if that means that time is relative to a human's perception of time itself, or our perception of reality? Another question for another time perhaps. Anywho. So Game of Thrones Season 3 continues to show itself to be the better season (save for the severe lack of Tyrion Lannister's presence) so far. Work this week has been lovely; I do have to say that yesterday was the perfect work day. I was busy, but not too busy. Everyone was rather delightful, and I was rather productive as well. The weather continues to get warmer and warmer here in the Midwestern state of Illinois; apparently Spring will be mostly skipped over, although I do love the scent of freshly cut grass. So tonight I finally sat down and watched the film Hitchcock starring Anthony Hopkins as Alfred Hitchcock and Helen Mirren as Alma Hitchcock. Scarlet Johanson and Jessica Biel also had small appearances, as did Danny Huston. The film is about Alfred Hitchcock, and the part of his life where he made his ultimate hit Psycho. I have to admit that the film was quite good, and yes I would see it again. I'm giving it a "Strong Ability." Both Helen Mirren and Anthony Hopkins are positively remarkable in this film and give stunning performances that are remarkably believable; he should have been nominated for an Oscar, but apparently the Academy has little taste and intelligence when it comes to nominations that actually deserve to win an award. Good screenplay, excellent directing, and Danny Elfman even did the music which wasn't great, but it was a lovely film score. On a great note for my writing career, my editor has finally delivered my manuscript all edited to me, and now I get to go through it! That is what I am going to try and do this weekend and the weeknights, and hopefully it will not take me too long to sift through all of the changes. Well I have much to do, and I am ridiculously tired, so I am going to catch some shut eye. And as the conflict in the Middle East escalates and widens, let us remember those who are in harms ways that get labeled as "collateral damage."

Hitchcock Trailer

Psycho Shower Scene

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