Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Force is With Us.

May the "Fourth" be with all of you!!! I was thinking of watching a Star Wars film last night, but instead I watched the 1st part of The Deathly Hallows which was lovely, and I still prefer it to the 2nd part. Anywho. It was a long work week, but it ended, although I was sad to see one of my co-workers leave for another job; she will be missed. I made dark chocolate cheesecake for her going away, and it turned out fantastically.  Well, today was international Star Wars day, and I didn't do anything productive; I played Star Wars themed games and then I watched Revenge of the Sith. It was awesome of course like always; great music, great visuals, sweet action, and a timeless story which can cross all cultures and ages. It is the new myth. Man, right now I am struggling to think of stuff to type. I guess that means that my life is pretty boring, which is true, although with how busy I am during the week, it's nice just to chill on the weekends. My editor is supposed to be done with book two of my fantasy trilogy this weekend, but I am not holding my breath. I have gotten to the point where it will get done when it's done, and until then I will just have to be patient. In the meanwhile though, I should do some other writing, but my motivation is gone for some odd reason. It seems that I have gotten to the point where I see very little...profit (for lack of a better term) in writing just for the hay of it, like for my website for example. I suppose the other part of it is, that I'm just too tired to be always writing all of the time during my two days off, and lord knows how that's going to change when I begin graduate school. Even in my blog things are slower and less than they used to be. Maybe I'm just in a rut or a less interesting part of my life and will soon, or rather eventually be getting out of it. Well as Master Yoda says, "train yourself to let go, of everything you fear to lose." Not quite certain why I wrote that, but have an excellent night everyone and a good rest of the week.

Star Wars "The Chosen One" Documentary

Revenge of the Sith Deleted Scene

Return of the Jedi Deleted Scene

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