Monday, April 15, 2013

Manic Mondays.

I was so busy at work today dealing with crises, that it wasn't until I got home that my brother in-law informed me of the tragic bombing in Boston. It's not something you hear of in typical developed Western civilization; several bombs going off in a busy street, at least 3 dead and hundreds injured. Who would have thought, and of all places in Boston at a marathon. God bless and take care of those who experienced the horror and agony of that painful event, those that witnessed it, and those who lost someone in it, or was affected by it. How pitiful and pointless everything seems in comparison to that tragic incident. Life however must go on, just like it did after 9/11. Who knows if terrorists were behind this attack, who knows if there will be more of them; hopefully that is all untrue. So it was a very, very busy day at work. I got a lot done, but nothing that I had originally planned to complete, but life goes on. I have a feeling that will be how the entire work week will go, but I really do hope that I am wrong. So I just finished watching the next Game of Thrones Season 3 episode, and I have to admit that so far, this seems like the better season of the 3 so far, although there is still less of Tyrion than I would prefer. There is a fantastic scene with the Small Council led by Tywin Lannister, and also present of course is Tyrion; it's interesting and humorous moment without any dialog. Aside from a few boring pointless stories, this could turn out to be an excellent season, or rather a better one than the previous two. So it was a lovely weekend, which was of course semi-productive. I attempted to revamp my website, but that didn't go over very well, and it took a whole lot longer than I anticipated it would. It's going to take a lot more time I have a feeling to get a new look down, but it will come in due time, although I don't know when due to the unlikelihood of possessing enough energy after work to fiddle with such an irritating site designing program. Anyways. Here comes the week, and yes I cannot wait to see what happens.

Catching Fire teaser trailer (looks so awesome!!!)

Josh Groban Music Video When I Fall In Love it Will be Forever

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