Monday, April 8, 2013

Less Iron in The World.

A great stalwart of freedom and strength left the world today. Margaret Thatcher, the first and only ever Female British Prime Minister died. Dubbed the Iron Lady by the Soviet Union, she certainly proved her metal as one of the longest running Prime Ministers of Great Britain. People like her and Reagan were bastions of freedom and against tyranny and oppressive regimes. She wasn't perfect and made mistakes like any great leader, but she has fashioned herself a powerful name in history that will not be soon forgotten. She will be missed, yet I believe that more like her will rise as time requires such people, especially now more than ever as world continues to spin more dangerously out of control. I hate being sick. I have been battling something like a cold or flu since Thursday of last week, and today I just gave in. I got to work after feeling relatively fine in the morning, but then not so much. After a few hours I returned home and basically rested while watching some Netflix. Then I slept from like 1:30pm-6:30pm and I actually could have slept longer, but I wanted to make certain that I could sleep tonight so I kind of forced myself up and awake, and I was feeling much better. Although right now I am very, very tired; I would have never guessed that I had slept earlier in the day. Hopefully this sickness is gone though; I really don't need to be sick this week, especially with what is going on at work. Speaking of work, but not my paying job, I discovered something over the weekend that I forgot to blog about yesterday. I came across what I think will eventually become my next published series of books. I won't write too many details, but I will say that it isn't fantasy and is based within the realm of reality (takes place on Earth). I have begun fleshing out the history and environment and a little bit of the plot, but the characters and story will come after I have set everything up. I will do it the right way this time around and not just jump into it like I did with my fantasy trilogy, which hopefully will be completed within the year. Published.....well who knows, but my editor should be getting back to me this Friday I hope, but I have a feeling it will take a miracle. I saw the next episode of Game of Thrones Season 3 and so far I have to admit that I rather enjoy this season, although it does seem to have less of Tyrion in it, which is rather disappointing. They have so many characters and story lines going on that it is beginning to get really ridiculous. I don't know what George R.R. Martin was thinking when he wrote his books; apparently he didn't want to edit or cut anything out, and believed that he needed to tell the story, or a story from everyone's perspective. Kind of wasteful and tiresome in my opinion, but he wrote it the way that he wanted, and apparently people love it, so he must have done something right. Although, I wouldn't have paid it any heed unless it had been turned into a successful show. More sleep is needed, so I am going to do that. Goodnight world; I hope that you are still there tomorrow when I wake up.

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