Monday, April 1, 2013

Got Fooled?

Happy April Fool's day everyone!!! In that regard the entire day passed without any major joke or snafu occurring, and I actually became so busy throughout the day that I completely forgot. Ah, the perks of having a full time, 8am-5pm job. So now that a whole new month has started, I am all set to get myself dug in at work and really begin to get groove on I guess would be the correct type of terminology. The job continues to go so far so good, with only one apparent hitch possibly, but it may not even be that big. We shall see. My finger is doing better, although it still hurts like hell when I try to bend it, but it has become less tender fortunately, not that I'm really complaining, but it does make life irritable. The world obviously still remains intact despite North Korea's growing hostility and dangerous threats, but Asia continues to become more and more destabilized as the days go by. Not a very assuring thought. Thank goodness for technological advancements. I was able to watch episode 1 from Season 3 Game of Thrones and I have to admit that I was...fairly excited (I was actually giddy like a little school boy on his first crush). Despite not really liking the show too much, I really enjoy it, and really want to see what happens to all of the characters. My favorites continue to do better and better, although for some of them I am waiting for the proverbial ball to drop. Peter Dinklage as Tyrion though remains my complete personal favorite of all the characters and plot lines. As the season unfolds it should be quite interesting to see what happens. I was told that I should read the books, but I don't know if I'll get around to that for years. It's amazing how much time you have when the work you do is so...simple, I guess, or also how much extra free time one possesses. I have a feeling as the year progresses that I shall find myself with less and less time to spare from things I need to do. Have an excellent week everyone. Good night and good luck.

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