Monday, April 29, 2013

Drenched for Lunch?

What a lovely weekend it has been. I decided to finally begin acquiring a new wardrobe and went shopping at the local mall, and finally was able to get something that I liked at Macy's, and I wore it to work today and it was awesome. Went to Chicago yesterday and that was pretty sweet, although I forgot that I wanted to go to Armani Exchange so I will have to do that next time around. Then today at lunch, me and group of my colleagues went out to eat to the Olive Garden. So we ordered our drinks, which consisted of me getting raspberry lemonade, and everyone else getting water. See where this is going yet? Well, here come the drinks, and despite my lemonade reaching the table intact, most of the glasses of water fell from the tray onto my lap and the table. Fortunately I wasn't entirely drenched, but sufficiently enough to get the point across. Apparently it was the waitresses' first day on the floor, and she felt absolutely terrible. But the response from the staff was amazing. I had people left and right apologizing to me, our order was sped up, we got two appetizers free, and then my meal was also covered by the restaurant, so all in all I got a lot of food for just getting wet. I was lucky though that nothing with more permanent damage fell on my pants. Murphy's law, I swear it is nearly always true with me. Work in general today was very, very long. Once again, I won't go into details, but shall we say that I was very, very, very busy all morning and all afternoon. My desk keeps getting more and more cluttered, which is very unusual for me, since I tend to be such an organized individual. So I am looking forward to episode six of season 3 for Game of Thrones and I am so impressed and delighted with how this season has been going. Once again I dislike how less screen time Tyrion is receiving, but Daenerys Targaryen's story line just keeps getting better and better with each passing episode. I really, really dislike Tywin Lannister though; wow, what a perfect villain. Charles Dance is amazing as the family patriarch; cunning, calculating, and authoritatively assertive, Tywin Lannister is probably the most villainous individual on the show, even more so than Joffery. Well, the world remains in one piece still. I won't harp on about Syria and other places; I will say that I continue to be terribly disappointed with how President Obama and his cabinet are handling the situation, and I don't think that will change anytime in the near future. God continue to watch over, help and protect those people. Good night and good luck everyone.

Game of Thrones Season 3: Episode 6 Preview

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