Friday, April 26, 2013

"Above All, Never Lose Hope."

What a week it has been. Yesterday I was dreadfully sick and watched a ton of Hemlock Grove, which isn't good whatsoever, but I am two episodes away from finishing the season. I don't know if Netflix will renew it for another season or not, but at the moment I'm hoping for a negatory. The day befor that (Wednesday) was oh so long at work. Obviously I won't go into details, but let's just say that I was kept on my toes from 9am until about 5:30pm, which might have had something to do with me getting sick. Today was also long since I began work around 7am so that I could catch up from missing yesterday. I was able to squeeze a lot in with a limited amount of time. Dinner and a show was up for tonight. I watched Life of Pi and boy should I have seen that film in the theatre. I encourage everyone to see this film (it is only rated PG) because it is truly astounding, and also quite thought provoking as well. First and foremost I do have to say that the visuals and cinematography was breathtaking, and the special effects looked so real; I guess they really deserved that Oscar, although it would have been nice for Prometheus to win it. Mychael Danna's score for the film was good and I suppose did deserve an Oscar, but I still in my heart of hearts believe that Dario Marianelli's score for Anna Karenina should have grabbed the Oscar. Umm....this film is about a boy who survives a ship wreck after leaving India with his parents and the remnants of a zoo that they used to run back in India. Ang Lee certainly deserved that Oscar he won for Best Director, because the picture is brilliant, and he is a remarkable artist (although he needs to stay away from comic book films and stories). The film had humor, intense drama, and my most favorite part; philosophy and religion. Nowhere else are you going to find a Catholic-Hindu who also practices Islam. Irrfan Khan plays the adult Pi, and is masterful at storytelling (he was in The Amazing Spider-Man & In Treatment season 3). There is something quite calming about his tone of voice, and something deeply resonant about his eyes. If that makes any logical sense. Suraj Sharma played the Pi Patel that had the most screen time and there has to be something said for a man who can interact with tiger that isn't even there and make it believable; so believable that the audience believes not only that the tiger is real, but that what they are seeing is also real. I don't know how close the film is to the true story, or the book from which was created from the story by Pi Patel. It is light and comical at times, moments of great visual beauty and spectacular grandiosity, and then moments of great darkness and depth of character. This film is definitely getting a "Strong Ability" and yes I loved it, and would watch again, and several more times as well. It is difficult to find new and fresh stories that work well on film, especially these days since Hollywood can't think of anything original, but when one does, it is quite something usually. I hate to leave on a political note, or rather a negative one, but the situation in Syria has deteriorated greatly. Bashar al Assad has crossed the "red line" that President Obama warned about, and now of course he and his cabinet are choosing to do nothing until further examination is done. In the meanwhile over 80,000 people have died and that number will continue to grow until something is done, but unfortunately America lost its green light when it could have helped the Syrian people right at the beginning of this crisis. Now, they are getting help from Islamist extremists who dislike Asssad, but hate the United States and western civilization. The worst thing an individual in leadership can do is nothing; inaction is paralyzing. President Obama and his cabinet made a grave mistake with their inaction concerning Syria. I have a feeling the repercussions of that inaction will haunt America for who knows how long. May God help the Syrian people, since no one else really seems to want to.

Life of Pi Clip

Thor: The Dark World Trailer (looks really good!!!)

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