Saturday, March 2, 2013

"What is Dead May Never Die."

I was so completely exhausted yesterday that I went to bed at 10pm, which isn't something I haven't done for a very, very long time. This new work schedule is taking me a little while to get used to, but I'm working on it slowly but surely. There's a few political things I would like to mention really quickly: President Obama really needs to learn the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek if he is going to use the references for public use. I mean, come on; know pop culture if you're going to use it and try to get people to like you by referencing popular franchises and quotations, otherwise just steer clear of it. The United States Government is still standing since the sequester has began; the apocalyptic future has not yet occurred as the President, some Republicans, and Democrats have foretold that it would. U.S. Vice-President Joseph Biden gave gun advice to point a shot gun at a doorway and shoot if you suspect or see intruders, and someone actually did take his advice and ended up shooting someone and was detained by the local authorities. Make your own theories and jokes on the situation, but I don't think he was thinking all the way through when he spoke; I don't think he is going to run for President. And I will leave it at that. Lastly, John Kerry was essentially validating the Iranian government, and I won't even begin to write about my opinion of how he is handling the Syrian Civil War. In short, President Obama and his cabinet have been making a lot of gaffes lately, so the next couple of weeks, months and years should be quite interesting, and or hilarious. So I sat down and did some writing today. I keep changing my mind about what I want to write, so at the moment I'm thinking about writing a major, epic story which either will be a screenplay or a fictional series. I'm not certain which approach I will take, but it doesn't matter because I'm still creating all of the plot and story details. I watched more of season 2 of Game of Thrones and I realized that I like very few of the story lines that take place on the show, not to mention all of the gratuitous sexual content that happens on the show especially the kind that displays rather disgusting and perverted sexual practices like incest, rape, and intercourse with foreign objects. I honestly don't even know why that show is so popular, aside from Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen (can't remember who the actress' name is). I will though watch season 3 when it debuts March 31st just to see what happens to the characters, because I would like to see all of the presumed villains hang, or die a miserable death. I do Like Tyrion, Vaerys, Baelish, Daenerys, Rob Stark, Tywin Lannister and Arya Stark, but that's about it as of now, or at least that I can remember at the moment. Well I'm sure there's more that I could write about, but I think I have yacked about enough useless information for one night. Hope that everyone is having an excellent weekend.

Abbot & Costello Meet Frankenstein trailer (one of their better films. Watched this film tonight and laughed so hard. So many good memories, and this was the age when Hollywood made spectacular comedic films. It's a pity they have gone out of vogue).

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