Tuesday, March 26, 2013

They Call it Myanmar.

So the last few days have been busy, busy at work as I take on more and more responsibilities the more I shift away from training. Still have some training left to do, but very soon I will be fully.....fledged as a staff I guess you could say. So far so good, although I will revisit that thought in a couple of months, but I can say for certain now that the people I work with are wonderful, and that I've found usually makes all of the difference in the world. I watched this documentary this evening on Myanmar (also known as Burma) the title of which was "They Call it Myanmar." It was stirring, interesting, fascinating, yet very heart wrenching. Here are a great and proud people, with such immensely rich culture and history, and they are the most destitute and isolated country in Asia. I know very little about the government and country, but lately things have been changing, and hopefully the change will continue in a positive way towards complete and functional democracy. Apparently back in 1800's I believe the British Empire invaded, ransacked the country, and then took the queen and king to India where they remained and died; the last of the Burmese royalty. My goodness; the French and British have so much to be ashamed of concerning their history (those two colonial powers are responsible for so many modern conflicts because of their actions during their imperial expansion). To describe the common person's condition is impossible to do with words, and the Myanmar military government really should be ashamed of itself for how it has been treating its people. There is so much I could write about what I saw on the documentary, but one thing stood out to me. Since the country is so heavily steeped in Buddhism, and thus people believe fervently in reincarnation and karma, they remain hard working and complain little no matter what seemingly (according to the narrator). I found that remarkable; how so many people could have essentially nothing, but yet still work hard and not complain. In Western culture, even the ridiculously wealthy and the poor supported monetarily by the government, whine and complain about what they don't have, rather than be thankful for what they do. You know what those two groups of people have in common (mostly); oftentimes they did not work for the money they received. I think there's something to be said of personal pride, dignity, and honor when you earn the money you collect rather than just have it given to you. Anyways. Those people need to be kept in everyone's thoughts; prayers, contact to your government representative, whatever it may be. On a lighter note, I watched Date Night starring Tina Fey & Steve Carell with my sister and brother in-law. It was so hilarious; I laughed so much. I need that every now and then; humor is a great antidote for too much reality. Have a good night everyone.

They Call It Myanmar Trailer

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