Sunday, March 17, 2013

Kiss Me I'm Irish!

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Yep it was a lovely day, despite the snow and cold. My dear, wonderful sister made Irish stew, soda bread, and some sort of chocolate potato cake. All of it turned out so delicious and yummy, I just ate a whole ton. Which is part of what I was up to for a good part of a day; all of that scrumptious food just doesn't cook itself. Although I only helped out here and there, my good sister did the rest, while me, my brother in-law and nephew enjoyed eating it immensely. It struck me as comfort food, because after the entire meal, you just wanted to crawl up on the couch and go to sleep, which I almost did but I decided to clean up the kitchen since my sister did all of that hard work. It was a good end to a rather lovely day. Now I didn't get any writing done per se, but I continued to brainstorm for my epic story, which I am still not entirely certain which way I want to take it; either to the screen or a lengthy fictional series. Who knows, but I am just continuing to develop everything right now. With work and graduate school on the horizon, I'm trying to figure out how my writing fits into all of that, and I haven't quite figured that out yet as well. I really need to finish up the Tale of 3 Brothers since I pretty much said that I was going to, but I need to get off my lazy backside and focus on it a whole lot more than I have as of late. I was going through the chapters I had already written and was taking notes and editing it up here and there, but I suppose I was finding that rather tedious at the time, but alas I need to get back to that. Ah, there's so much to do, yet so little time, and little motivation for writing. I also need to begin gearing up to write book 3 of my trilogy, as book 2 is still being edited. I swear I wish I either had more time or more money; that way I could do everything myself, or pay outrageous amounts of money to get everything that I want done, done speedily, or at least in a reasonable amount of time. Work begins anew this week as I prepare to fully launch myself into my career as the days of training are now essentially behind me. Wish me good luck and everyone have an excellent week.

Game of Thrones Season 3 "Beast" Spot

Bates Motel Trailer (this is apparently supposed to be quite good)

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