Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Great or Good Man?

Which one would you want to be? (or woman). I personally would want to be a good man, because I believe that it is good men who become great, and who remain eternally great into the afterlife. Whereas great men like Hitler & Christopher Columbus, and King Saul from the Bible simply live their greatness and are remembered for their greatness, but once everyone (including them) pass into the afterlife the greatness fades as it looses its worth because who cares about acts of greatness when you are living something greater than anything they ever could be. Well I'm not going to get into any ethical/philosophical monologue. But all of that was introduction to say that I watched Oz: The Great and Powerful today. You know I remember seeing previews and thinking that it was probably going to be bad, so my expectations were low, but after watching it today, I was actually quite pleased how it turned out. James Franco as Oz was a really good choice, although based on simply the previews it may not seem that way, but as the character he brings to life...well Oz the Great & Powerful. what I liked most were the witches though and the dynamics with them. Mila Kunis was perfect of the reason I won't write, but she did a fantastic job as Theodora. Rachel Weisz as Evanora was also a fantastic choice and played her character quite well, which also had a surprise. And Michelle Williams as Glynda was another fantastic choice. I loved the witches and I love how they connected them, their story, along with all of the other events to the original Wizard of Oz. The visual effects were really quite stunning, and the music by Danny Elfman was delightful; not quite as good as it should have been considering how amazing of a film composer he was. I was waiting for the ruby slippers to appear, but they didn't and so I'm wondering if that is going to be what the sequel is about, or rather the next the film. Who knows. This definitely was an adventure story, and although the acting was quite good for the level of film that it was, you certainly aren't going to watch it for character development as it is a plot driven film. It was entrancing though, I didn't get bored with it at all, and I would love to see it again; I really, really liked it. Now I want to see the original film, and Return to Oz (which is a fantastic film, which truly reflects the feel of the books). I'm giving it a "Strong Ability" and I really recommend people to go and see it; families will enjoy it as well as people of all ages. The 3-D was quite stunning, and although I wish I would have seen it on a larger screen, I have to admit that whoever rendered the 3-D on this film did an excellent job as things really jump out at you which is how I prefer 3-D to be, not just depth. So it's my last night in San Diego, which I am very sad about. I had a good time though with all of my dear friends who I shall miss so very much. I had excellent food, of which all I will say is BACON!!!! I am a very fortunate and blessed person to have so many friends that are truly good people. I had a lovely vacation, and now it is time to go back to reality, and the snow. Hope that everyone is having a lovely week. Good night and good luck.

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