Friday, March 15, 2013


So being back in the snow sucks. I miss the sunshine and warmth of San Diego, but life must go on, and I am more determined than ever that I shall return to San Diego. Dear lord, I sound like General MacArthur. Anyways. I got back into the swing of things at work just like I had never left, except now I essentially have my own caseload! Yes it is official, I am almost done with training, and very soon I will be up to my neck in a lot of hard work, but good work. I believe that my current job will do so much for me, and I shall acquire a tremendous amount of experience which will be immeasurably helpful in the future. I had a busy day at work, but I wasn't as exhausted as I was yesterday; getting in late from a long trip and then getting up early the next morning isn't the greatest idea in the world, but I survived and money is money. I certainly need a lot of that right about now. So tonight I watched this film called W. directed by Oliver Stone which was released back in 2008. Now, it is a biographical take on former U.S. President George W. Bush (43rd U.S. President). Josh Brolin did an uncanny performance of the man and it was quite good, as did most of the actors and actresses which included big names like: Colin Hanks, Toby Jones (Karl Rove), Jeffrey (Colin Powell), Thandie Newton (Condoleezza Rice), Scott Glenn (Donald Rumsfeld), Richard Dreyfuss (Dick Cheney), Rachel McAdams (Laura Bush), and James Cromwell (George H.W. Bush). I will be honest, this movie was done in very poor taste and fashion. It was an obviously, purposefully written negative depiction of G.W. Bush, not to mention the writing sucked. Instead of focusing on his strengths as a President, governor, successful business owner, man, family man, or even as someone who overcame alcohol abuse Oliver Stone chose to focus on what he and many perceived to be his weaknesses. No President is perfect, some are from far it, some are close to it; but not even George Washington escaped this. It was difficult to watch the film mainly because it was a blatant propaganda film against the former U.S. President. I mean the characters were interesting, there was a compelling story there to tell, but Oliver Stone hated Mr. Bush so much, that he focused on that instead, and therefore he ended up with a mediocre film at best done in extremely poor taste. I'm giving it a "Poor Ability" and I hope to never have to watch this film again, and do not recommend it to anyone. Our perception distorts reality. Just think all of the messes humanity would be able to avoid, if everyone simply tried to see things from their enemies' and detractors' point of view, rather than their allies and themselves all of the time. Well, have an excellent weekend world; I know that I am going to try and do that. Oh congratulations to Pope Francis; I wish him all of luck and hope that God's grace is never far from his side.

W. Trailer

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