Saturday, January 12, 2013

Too Slow.

Happy birthday to my good friend Marcos! Great friend, very funny, and has a....unique perspective on politics and religion. He's awesome, and I wish him all of the best. It was another slow day in the world of writing. The weather continues to get colder here in the Midwest, and I keep thinking of how much I miss San Diego, and then I hear that it is getting quite cold over there as well. I still miss it though. Oh, I'm not into football much, but from what I understand the San Francisco 49ers are to congratulated over their victory against the Green Bay Packers. I could care less about American football, but I really dislike the Packers; it comes from growing up around people who worship the ground that sports institution walks on constantly. Anyways. I watched this film tonight called Young Adult starring mainly Charlize Theron, which is essentially the only reason why I watched it. Patrick Wilson and Patton Oswalt are also in the film, and have excellent performances in their own right, but Ms. Theron is who you want to see. She plays an older woman going through a psychological crisis after receiving a picture of her ex-boyfriend's (from high school) newborn baby. She then returns to her old hometown with the mission to break up this man from his happy marriage, to leave his family and come live with her in the city. Wow. She plays such a cold, reckless, mean husband stealing whore, and she does it very well and efficiently. There are a few humorous moments scattered throughout the film which can get good laughs, but not more often. Umm.....I wouldn't recommend this film, because it is kind of boring, and I really don't care for watching that kind of thing unless there are really good acting performances going on, and there really weren't. Playing a drunken whore with some finesse does take work, but not that much. Therefore, "Yearning Ability," but it isn't all bad, otherwise it would have gotten the lowest mark. On that note. Everyone enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Young Adult trailer

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