Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Time for a Vacation Getaway.

What a busy, yet somehow ridiculously unproductive least in a way. It snowed a lot today, or rather at least for me. Gone is the warm weather and thunderstorms, and now comes the snow storms. Yuck! Oh well. I picked my father up from the airport in Chicago yesterday as he had returned from his most recent trip from Columbia; that We then hung out with my uncle and aunt after that for the rest of the day. And you know what, aside from a bunch of silly tolls which rob you of money, driving around Chicago wasn't too bad. In many regards it was like San Diego, although not as nice, and colder of course. So that was yesterday and quite boring, although I suppose today wasn't any better. I do have a job interview tomorrow, so I am hoping that everything works out, but at this point in time I have become such a pessimist, especially at this particular moment. I think a part of my consciousness is attempting to reconfigure my personal and religious philosophy of life. God only knows what will happen with all of that. Anyways. My nephew and sister were watching Hotel Transylvania so I thought I would sit in and watch as I read my newspaper. It was actually quite an ingenious take on all of the classic monster villains in a humorous way that is, which was good surprisingly. For an animated kids film, it was unusually pleasant and not as obnoxious as many kids films are these days sadly enough. I discovered the other night that Lucasfilm, or Disney, or whoever is in charge over there is postponing releasing the remainder of the Star Wars films in
3-D so that they can focus all of their resources on creating Episode VII, and they're uncertain of the 2015 release date as well. I also heard a rumor that the Clone Wars could be discontinued after season 5. After all of these negative...stories, I really hope they have some good news on the horizon aside from another Star Wars film being released. As I get back into reading the news again every day, the more I see that the world is becoming darker and more uncertain, especially as freedoms slip from countries around the world and as central governments grow stronger. Some optimism and actual pleasant news around the world would be a fantastic thing; now all we need is someone, an individual to usher in an era of hop, much like President Ronald Reagan did with the United States. Well, you take care world and I hope this globe of ours becomes a better place for us all.

Hotel Transylvania Trailer

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