Saturday, January 26, 2013

Star Wars Episode VII.

It is official now after a few days, or one or whatever it was after the early story was released. J.J. Abrams is going to direct Star Wars Episode VII which is slated for a 2015 release. I honestly do not know how that is possible considering they just got a director and haven't even begun casting yet most likely, but whatever. Before when there wasn't a director I could have cared more or less that there was going to be another Star Wars films, but now that there is a director attached to it at last, I have to admit that I am getting pumped at the notion! I think J.J. Abrams is an excellent choice amidst most of the other possibilities, although I think a relatively unknown director would have worked as well too. Like Joss Whedon as an example; no one really knew who he was until The Avengers came out. know he's much more popular. I'm not suggesting that he should direct the new film though; I think he works better with more...comic book and whimsical things, not that Star Wars isn't whimsical a little. Anyways. They have their director, producers, writer, and apparently a story of sorts hashed out by George Lucas himself, so we shall see how all of the pieces begin to come together, and how helpful or poisonous an association with Walt Disney will make the whole thing, not to mention the absence of the maker (George Lucas) himself; that is perhaps what I am doubtful of the most. I'm also wondering if John Williams will score the music, or if they'll pick Michael Giacchino since he's worked a lot with J.J. Abrams, which wouldn't be a bad thing. I think the two composers' music is very similar, stylistically of course, not per se the sound itself. Hopefully by the time this film comes out I will have a Masters degree in Psychology, hopefully it will be focused on the Industrial-Organizational concentration. Over 2 years to go; I bet it's going to go by really fast. Oh yes, I would like to wish my nephew a very, very happy birthday. He's an awesome kid with an immense amount of energy, and quite a dynamic personality, like a comedian. Hope he has many more to go. Did some writing today on my political drama and it continues to grow ever longer. It's getting better, but still I would really like to end it so I can move on to something else. There's a screenplay that I need to get back to working on, and then a few other things as well with my Warrior's Tale Trilogy, so there's much to do, not as much motivation, yet plenty of the time being of course. Job hunting yielded a potentially good lead, so hopefully it goes in the direction I want it to; being employed. Have an excellent rest of the weekend everyone.

jOBS clip (looks interesting, but I wonder how close it is to the real man?)

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