Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Something to Dredd?

It's been a slow couple of days. I would like to wish my good friend, David, a happy birthday and all the best wishes in the world. I have a lot of family and close friends who have birthdays in January. I used to love how cold it got in January back when I was a kid, and then I moved to San Diego, and then I moved back to Illinois and I found out that I dislike how cold it gets in January. All of the great occasions to celebrate though make the cold factor moot, since I cannot come up with a better word/descriptor at the moment. So anyways. I didn't do much today aside from a bit of writing and hang out with my family, which is quite priceless. I actually just finished watching the film Dredd starring Karl Urban as Judge Dredd and Lena Headey as the villain Ma-Ma. I never saw the original film made years ago, but this one has to be better. The action was intense; there was a lot of gore and death. Karl Urban was remarkable as he is in fact a remarkably talented actor. Lena Headey (who also plays Cersei Lannister on Game of Thrones) was brutally effective as the villain, although I was expecting more especially towards the end of the film. It was entertaining and well done, although my sister and brother in-law said that it was pretty cool in 3-D back when they saw it in the theatre. It was actually rather short for the type of film (futuristic science fiction) it was, but it worked out. I'm giving it an "Admirable Ability," because it was good, but not great. Entertaining sure, but that's about it. They had some opportunity to add depth to the storyline at multiple occasions, but chose the vein of pure action, which is fine, but it just lacked that extra dimension. If you watch this film be prepared for quite a bit of blood and gore, although not as much gore just lots of blood; think Dexter unhinged in the future. On that note, have a pleasant night.

Dredd Trailer

Karl Urban on Judge Dredd's uniform/equipment

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