Saturday, January 19, 2013

Puny god.

What an evening it was. At first I thought that someone was trying to break into the house, and after patrolling the house, I decided that wasn't a possibility and that my imagination and ears were playing tricks on me, not to mention it is a very old house. After I finished watching The Avengers I went into the kitchen to get something, and then the power turned off briefly, and then it turned back on. I thought that it was weird, and then it turned off again and then back on. Just when I was about to go back to the living room, the power went off again and remained off. So there I was in the dark of night, in the dead of winter with no power in the middle of the Wisconsin country. It could have been worse; there could have actually been someone trying to get in the house, so thankfully that was not the case. I fumbled my way to a flashlight, and then I began to round up candles, matches, other flashlights, blankets and plopped myself in the living room and began working on my fantasy trilogy. I had been through this before and figured I had to wait it out; I was only hoping that the electricity was turned back on before the heat inside the house dropped to an uncomfortable level. I was working on names for a while and then that was getting boring, and then I began designing and designating prefixes and suffixes for some Kargonian names, and that was soon boring. I decided to try and find a puzzle or something, and in the process of looking for one the power was restored and now I am writing this. I am so very thankful that life is not constantly like that. God bless those people who braved the blustery, frigid weather to repair the damaged electrical poles. Now. I would like to wish my dearest mother a fantastic happy birthday! She is by far one of the most important women in my life, although I don't always acknowledge it enough. Thank you God for her and everything she has taught me. If you have a mother, and she isn't terribly horrible, you should let her know her thankful you are for her. If she isn't very pleasant, or you don't have one...well...I don't know what else to say except that sucks. I noticed while watching The Avengers that Alan Silvestri's The Avengers Score works better while watching the film than it does standing alone if you were simply to listen to it without the film. Such a shame; so much potential for that film, if he does any future films I hope that he does a far better job, and uses the grand scope bestowed upon him by the Marvel universe. I wrote a review for John Williams' Lincoln Film Score, and honestly Lincoln the film was far more superior than the music. It wasn't bad, but it really came across to me as being quite flat and boring for lack of a better term. John Williams is getting kind of rusty in his age. I wonder if he's going to compose the music for the new Star Wars films?

The Avengers clip with Tony Stark & Loki

Thanos introduced in The Avengers

"The People's House" composed by John Williams

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