Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mind if I Cut In.....?

I actually had a fairly productive day, which is something of a moderate surprise I suppose considering the circumstances. First and foremost I did a review of Dario Marianelli's score for Anna Karenina, which I have to say is absolutely astounding and beautiful. I liked it much more than Mychael Danna's Life of Pi, although both are really good and certainly deserve that Oscar nomination. 3 down 2 left to review. During that I was also doing some technical work on my website, during which I created a page for Mychael Danna on my website as well. Then I did some more writing for a couple of hours on my political drama which was nice, and it continues to shape up well, although it isn't really for children or anyone under seventeen I would venture. Definitely shows a darker side to politics and exposes the grittiness of reality. What can I say. I'm not much of a trite writer anymore, or rather my aim is not to be. I then finally got to the main event of the day; "Chopped." For those of you unaware, "Chopped" is a cable show on the Food Network about chefs that come in from across the nation to compete in a kitchen to try and make a superior dish with mystery ingredients and a limited amount of time. The goal is to be the last chef standing to claim the prize of $10,000 and the notoriety that goes with it. Not only do you get to learn how to cook (because the judges are experienced professional chefs that really know what they are doing) but you also get hear and see about different ingredients that don't always appear in your average grocery store. It's a very fascinating and engaging show, although 3 hours of it was enough for me. I decided to test my father's home theater system with The Dark Knight Rises, and I have to say that it didn't disappoint. Although towards the end, the sound seemed a little muffled, which I had noticed would happen on my set and surround sound as well. Kind of weird. The film is still amazing though, and the music by Hans Zimmer remained amazing. I still think he deserved an Oscar nomination for his work, more so than Thomas Newman for Skyfall. Anyways. The end of the day, and the middle of the week; so far so good, but let's see if I can make it better.

"Overture" by Dario Marianelli

"Mind if I Cut In" by Hans Zimmer

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