Sunday, January 6, 2013

It Ain't San Diego!

It was just one of those days. I didn't get any writing done, which honestly after going pretty intense with it the past few days or so I think I needed a sort of mental break. I started reading The Hunger Games book by Suzanne Collins, and so far it isn't really that bad, or as bad as I thought it could be. I was rather surprised when I noticed she was writing in the first person, which isn't something you see in books very often. This is for good reason as it can be rather tricky to write, and can come dreadful if not done well, at least that is my experience in writing and reading such kinds of stories. My sister told me that the second book Catching Fire is amazing, so we shall see. Feeling like I needed some fresh air, I grabbed my brand new winter coat, my scarf, gloves, and that headband thing for my ears put my shoes on and took a walk. Granted it was about 8:30pm, so I knew it was cold but I felt I was bundled up enough to weather anything. However, I did not take into account my feet, specifically my toes. After going a short distance I felt them distinctly begin to become....stiff, and also rather cold. Apparently my shoes were not designed for near subzero temperatures. I finished my walk as quickly as I could (tried to keep the blood flowing well), which meant I was unable to enjoy the frigid, icy air, and got back into the warm house and drank some hot tea. I definitely do not think that snow and me will ever get along again as weather companions. So I was about to turn in for the night when my sister and brother in-law flipped on this film called Bernie starring Jack Black as this gentleman from the eastern Texas who is kind of like a good, free spirited Samaritan that is also an assistant funeral director, and a very good one at that. He seems like the most perfect and good natured person ever, so what is this film about you may just be wondering. I have absolutely no clue how to sum it up. Most of the time is spent where you as the audience watching people get interviewed about the character Bernie, all of whom live in this small Texan town. Honestly, you have to watch this film to see what it's all about. I as of right now am not entirely certain what to think of it, but I wouldn't mind watching it again that's for certain. It's dramatic and dryly humorous, but I do have to say that Jack Black's performance of Bernie, this real life character (because this film is based on a recent true life story) was magnificent. I usually detest the films that this man does, but this wasn't too bad. It's certainly makes for an interesting way to pass the time, especially if you used to be a Baptist....if you were one and watch the film, then you will exactly what I am referring to. Have a great week everyone.

Bernie Trailer

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