Friday, January 18, 2013

"...Good is a Point of View..."

It was another incredibly cold day, and there was actually a dusting of snow last night. Did I mention that I hate snow? Well it bears worth repeating. Got another good bit of my political drama written. It's actually beginning to shape up really, really well, especially the characters. Complex and gritty so far, the story continues to grow and change on its own. I have a general idea of where I am taking it, but honestly I write and the story just goes where it goes. The advantage with how I am writing this short story is that I came up with some background and did some minor plot and character development before I began writing, and it's amazing how much easier that has made the entire writing process. Aside from watching the Food Network and learning some new cooking methodologies, there was this Josh Groban concert on the Home Shopping Network (HSN) tonight during which he sang live several songs from his new album All That Echoes, which is due out for retail in early February. The song "Brave" was by far my favorite of all that he performed, then there was a song he sang in Spanish "Un Alma Mas" which was incredible, and then "Hollow Talk" were the other ones that he sang that I enjoyed. The other songs that he performed: False Alarms, Falling Slowly, Below the Line, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, and I Believe were kind of boring honestly. I can't say that there was anything impressive about these songs. Perhaps they need to grow on me, perhaps they'll sound a lot better on the album versus live (not that he sounded dreadful live, he actually sounded very awesome; it's nice to have people perform who do not lip sync). Who knows, but we'll when it comes out in early February. Earlier in the day, I also finished up the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy with Revenge of the Sith on blu-ray, and it was really something. Now I'm going to try and plow through the Original Trilogy over the next couple of days and see how they look on the new format, not to mention see how all of the additional goodies either enhance or detract from the film watching experience. Influenza has reached epidemic proportions in the United States at last. Over 20 children at least have died from the virus, and many more have been hospitalized with sever symptoms. Perhaps the U.S. Federal government, and executive branch, should be putting more effort into combating illnesses and psychological disease. And by the way, flu season is just getting warmed up. Get plenty of sleep and rest, and please wash, wash, and wash your hands again and again!

Josh Groban sings "Brave"

"The Emperor Get's a Job" (Star Wars classic spoof from a few years back, very funny.)

Red 2 Trailer (looks fantastic).

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