Monday, January 14, 2013

Every King has his Reign, and then Dies....

I can't really say too much for the day. I drove up to my father's house, who is living it up in Columbia on vacation for a lengthy period of time, and was checking up on some things and to do some relaxing and writing. I cannot believe that I ever used to drive in the Wisconsin country all of the time; no wonder my mother told me I drove like a grandpa. Aside from it being rather chilly, it isn't too bad, and it's nice and quiet out here in the country. Another wonderful thing about my father's residence is that he has a rather large and lovely television set with an extraordinary surround sound, so I decided to watch something that was equally up to the challenge with such a setup; Prometheus. Between the visuals and the sound, it was an amazing film going experience. That's the thing with epic science fiction and fantasy films; unless you see them on a rather large screen with great surround sound, you will never experience the fully range I guess, then if you simply watched it on a tiny set with basic sound. I enjoy an immersive experience.I still love the film; but it's beauty truly lies in its cinematography, which really should have gotten an Academy Award nomination; bunch of fatheaded prigs. The music for the film composed by Marc Streitenfeld (Prometheus Film Score Review) works a whole better with the film than it does if you were to simply listen to it separately, but I suppose you can't have everything. I can't wait for Ridley Scott to make the sequel! I actually now want to really see the original Alien film and see how well the two films connect. Tomorrow we'll see if the countryside affords me more likelihood to write more, of if that is just an uncommon myth for writers, or rather just for me.

Ridley Scott on Prometheus

"Life" composed by Marc Streitenfeld

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