Thursday, January 24, 2013

Do You Like Peach?

So as American politics shift and change as President Obama reforms his cabinet, the politics of the world continue to change as well. Britain may leave the EU, Israel's Prime Minister faces a difficult challenge of forming a new government, Iraq's sectarian violence continues to escalate between Shiites and Sunni's, China's economy is showing signs of beginning to slow (although that varies depending on who you speak to), and Africa continues to have violent difficulties aka. Mali, Sudan, Egypt and Uganda. Yet, the average person of the world goes about their business, so the good news is that we all as an average world population will get through all of this. It's great to have the Wall Street Journal back! The cold trend continued her in the U.S. Midwest; most of the day I had a blanket wrapped around me. On the bright side I did get a bit of writing done and did some job hunting, which yielded some potential prospects hopefully, of which I will not write anymore specifics. In my personal opinion, companies have become a little too hyper vigilant about what their employees say about their lives and their work on various social networking sites. There is a fine line between prudence and blazing stupidity which can deserve punitive action, but also people do need a place to release their emotions and thoughts without fear of reciprocity. Not everyone can afford therapy, and not everyone has good friends to talk to so naturally the internet is the perfect place. I suppose the key is to write, or communicate in such a way that nobody knows that it is you. To close up the evening, we watched Monster In-Law which stars Jennifer Lopez, Jane Fonda, and Michael Vartan. It is a romantic comedy which is quite hysterical. Of purely romantic films, I will only typical watch those that are funny; I can't really watch any trite romantic films as they make me year for a of claws to rip my eyes out of my head. It is a funny film and has a relatively good ending; an excellent date film, or just for another night at home. Well I hope that everyone has a good night and a good rest of the week. 

Monster In-Law scene (very funny)

Monster In-Law Trailer

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